The two most popular illegal substances abused in the state of Florida are opioids and marijuana. Opioid abuse often begins with substances that are obtained through a prescription. When the prescription runs out, symptoms of detox may appear and craving for drugs sets in. Here’s what to do when you notice that detox has begun.

Seek Help When Symptoms First Appear

Sad looking woman worried about the symptoms of detox she's experiencing.If the symptoms of detox have begun to appear, it’s likely because you’ve begun to experience withdrawal. Depending on the substance you’ve been abusing, withdrawal may be mildly uncomfortable or potentially fatal. Individuals who abuse substances such as alcohol or opioids often build a physical dependence on those substances. This dependence often translates into the body’s and brain’s physical need for the substance.

If you’ve built a physical dependence and attempt to work through detox alone, it’s likely that you’ll be unprepared to handle the intense, drug seeking behavior that can occur. Without professional assistance, relapse is incredibly likely. It may not matter how well you’ve mentally prepared yourself to face the withdrawal symptoms, you may simply be compelled to find more of the substance to abuse.

Seeking help when you notice the symptoms of detox will allow you to set yourself up in an environment where immediately relapsing isn’t an option. With the help of medical professionals, you’ll address every aspect of your withdrawal symptoms as safely as possible. Whether this means an extra pillow to deal with the discomfort or a separate prescription to help you recover, detox professionals are trained to recognize withdrawal symptoms and deal with them accordingly.

Identify The Proper Facility To Deal With Symptoms Of Detox

As the symptoms of detox take hold, make sure to address them in the proper setting. This means an inpatient facility that offers around the clock supervision. It could also mean an outpatient setting that allows you to go home each night to your family. Some facilities offer specialized treatment for individuals who are members of particular socioeconomic groups or who work in a particular profession.

If you believe you require specialized care, it’s important to find a facility that can provide it to you. Maintaining comfort during treatment will allow you to focus on breaking down the harmful habits that perpetuate your addiction. If you’re uncomfortable, you may begin focusing on your discomfort rather than your detox or rehab program.

Consider Traveling

Traveling for treatment may enable you to be more successful as you pursue your sober recovery. When you travel, you leave behind the negative people and places that may cause you to immediately relapse. One of the best places to travel for treatment is sunny, comfortable Florida. Away from home, you can focus fully on developing the skills you need to begin living a sober lifestyle. In the process, you can bask in the warm weather.

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