Many people have never heard of scopolamine addiction, whereas others experience the dangers of this drug on a daily basis. Also called “Devil’s Breath,” this drug lives up to its nickname and reputation as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. But what is scopolamine and how does scopolamine addiction occur?

The Blowing Powder Known as Devil’s Breath

Devils breath flower contains scopolamine and leads to scopolamine addictionScopolamine is also known as a blowing powder, as criminals use the drug to influence victims by simply blowing it in their face. When someone inhales scopolamine, they lose free will. This enables predators to take everything the victim has, without the affected individual knowing who committed the crime or how. In other words, you remain conscious, but your actions are fully controllable by others.

If a criminal uses scopolamine on you, as is most common in South America, you retain no memory of what happened or who provided the drug. According to VICE documentary news, victims have received doses when strangers ask them for help reading a map. The stranger then uses the powder-laced map to blow the drug into the unsuspecting person’s face. This renders that “good Samaritan” immediately under the criminal’s control.

But some people choose to use scopolamine, a drug derived from the nightshade plant. Just 10 milligrams of the drug leads to a coma and a possible fatality. This makes the fact that people suffer scopolamine addiction terrifying, starting with the dangerous gamble of their life taken with each dose.

Scopolomine offers promise in Alzheimer’s research, making it an important drug. It also treats motion sickness through widely available transdermal patches. In fact, astronauts use this drug for motion sickness, and it helps 15 percent overcome sick feelings in zero gravity. So the drug does have actual medical value, keeping it on the market for potential scopolamine abuse and addiction.

About Scopolamine Addiction

Scopolamine is sold as hyoscine, an over-the-counter drug even available for purchase online. Its easy availability makes many people unaware of how easily it is abused. With prolonged use, scopolamine addiction is a very real possibility. But most people use it for motion sickness during travel.

People abusing the drug use more than a typical dose. They either take too much in the drug’s tablet form or they crush the tablets and snort them. Others simply apply many of the anti-motion sickness patches at once. This overuse leads to euphoria and a pleasurable, yet addictive high.

Signs of scopolamine addiction include depression, frequent relaxation, drug cravings when not using it and significant problems at home, school or work. Addiction to scopolamine makes the drug your biggest life priority and focus. You crave the euphoric high and cannot quit without help.

Help for Addiction to Scopolamine or Other Substances

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