The drug Xanax is used to treat anxiety as well as panic attacks. It is in the benzodiazepine group, and it is widely prescribed by physicians. However, it is also very addictive, and it is often abused. A Xanax addiction can be very dangerous, so knowing how to spot the signs of an addiction and getting into a Xanax addiction treatment center Jupiter offers is important.

Changes to Sleep Patterns

Man with stomach trouble showing signs of Xanax addiction.Xanax can impact sleep patterns in a number of ways. One of the first, and most dangerous, is known as nodding. This is when Xanax users go in and out of sleep rapidly. They may be in the middle of a conversation, but fatigue is instant and will cause them to go to sleep in seconds.

A Xanax addiction can also cause people to sleep for extended periods of time. Maintaining any kind of normal sleep schedule can be difficult as a result. Xanax depresses the body, so even when users are awake they will feel fatigued. Even the most severe alarm clocks can’t always wake a person who needs Xanax addiction treatment.

Memory Lapses

Xanax is a drug that can also impact memory. One way to identify a Xanax addiction may be through signs of memory loss. When a person uses Xanax, they may have big gaps in their memory these gaps can also be one of the Xanax withdrawal symptoms must users will experience when going through a Xanax detox program.

Sometimes, these lapses are for minutes at a time. With an increased tolerance for Xanax, and higher dosages, these lapses could be days or even hours long. If someone you care about consistently struggles to remember details, it could point to the need for a Xanax addiction treatment program.

Lack of Coordination

Many people who use or abuse Xanax suffer from a serious lack of coordination. Xanax can impact the way that the brain communicates to other parts of the body. A lag in communication means that users might trip more frequently, stumble or bang into objects without good reason.

That lack of coordination can also manifest itself in other noticeable ways. One example is slurred speech. Taking Xanax can quickly cause people to slur their words. Blurred vision is a similar concern with the same root cause.


An extreme side effect of a Xanax addiction is the potential for seizures. Benzodiazepine drugs like Xanax are sometimes used to treat seizures, which makes this side effect rather surprising.

This typically happens when users cut back on the drug or skip a pill for the day. Since Xanax contains some ingredients that are anticonvulsants, removing them from the body could mean the onset of seizures. This symptom is one reason why Xanax users should never attempt to detox without medical supervision.

Inappropriate Use of Xanax

Not everyone who uses Xanax becomes addicted to the drug. In fact, millions of people are able to safely use Xanax for a short period of time and then end use safely. The inappropriate use of Xanax, however, could point to an addiction.

One inappropriate use of Xanax is long-term use. The drug is never intended to be used for months on end, so anyone who is doing so probably has a physical dependence. Using Xanax without a prescription is also inappropriate. Incorrect use also includes mixing Xanax with other substances or doctor shopping to use more than one prescription at a time.

Out-of-Character Behavioral and Life Changes

If someone you care about uses Xanax, you can spot an addiction by looking for changes. Behavioral and lifestyle changes can point to an addiction to Xanax. Changes in sleeping patterns, changes to routine and changes to appearance could also be signs of concern.

Xanax Addiction Treatment at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

To treat a Xanax addiction, you first need to complete a Xanax detox. Serenity House Detox & Recovery offers detox programs that can kickstart recovery from addiction. In a detox program, patients can expect all of the following:

  • Weaning protocol and advice if applicable
  • Medical supervision around-the-clock
  • Prescription and OTC medications
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Comfortable accommodations and a welcoming atmosphere
  • Amenities and facilities for fitness, relaxation and socializing

Overcoming a Xanax addiction isn’t easy. Fortunately, Serenity House Detox & Recovery offers two locations in Florida where you can begin your journey to recovery. Whether you opt for detox in Fort Lauderdale or Jupiter, you’ll have access to the tools and resources needed for sobriety. Call 866-294-5306 to start down the road to recovery for the last time.