They told you that modafinil was safe and non-addictive. They were wrong. Now, you need help from a modafinil addiction treatment center. Here’s how Serenity House Detox & Recovery can prepare you for rehab.

What’s Modafinil?

man talking to therapist in group therapy at a modafinil addiction treatment centerModafinil’s the generic name for the medication Provigil. Doctors prescribe it to patients with narcolepsy or sleep disorders due to shift work. However, you might need a modafinil addiction treatment program if you boosted the dose. Some users describe its effects as being similar to those of smart drug abuse.

Others find it to be more in line with a stimulant. Because the drug doesn’t give you the jitters that so many other smart drugs or stimulants create, it sounds attractive. On the downside, you have to use a large dose for these effects. If this describes your use pattern, our modafinil addiction treatment Florida can count on could help you.

How Detox at the Modafinil Addiction Treatment Center Works

There’s growing evidence that the substance affects the brain’s dopamine production much as cocaine does. Therefore, it creates a severe addiction hazard. If you’ve talked to a speed addiction treatment center Florida trusts, you know it also resembles the effects of meth. Getting off the drug will cause primarily psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Because of the interruption in boosted dopamine production, you’ll likely encounter a deep depression. It’ll take a while for your sleep pattern to normalize. Similarly, you might feel anxiety because your body misses the substance. Besides that, you’ll probably develop a junk food habit.

The Serenity House Detox & Recovery modafinil addiction treatment center emphasizes a return to a healthy lifestyle. Therapies include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment for feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Nutrition education and support that lets you overcome your craving for carbs and unhealthy foods
  • Group therapy for addiction counseling, education, and accountability
  • Family therapy, which helps loved ones understand why you entered a modafinil addiction treatment program
  • Meditation, which encourages you to shift your focus from living too fast to going with the flow
  • Gender-specific treatment that focuses intently on your unique needs and hurdles

During your stay at Serenity House Detox & Recovery, you begin working on a mind change. In the past, you abused the medication to stay awake. Maybe you felt the pressure to perform more or better at work or school. Now, you want to switch gears.

When you graduate from detox, you move to rehab for the modafinil addiction treatment Florida trusts. There, you focus on the psychological aspect of recovery. That said, you begin the process at the modafinil addiction treatment center. Doing so allows you to benefit from a seamless transition.

I Don’t Think I Can Give Up My Smart Drug

We frequently talk to clients at our modafinil addiction treatment center who don’t think they can quit. They’ve tried to cut back unsuccessfully. Some even went so far as to throw away the pills only to dig them out of the trash later. Serenity House Detox & Recovery routinely works with doubters.

Our evidence-based modalities start out small and gently guide you along the path to recovery. You overcome the physical dependency in about a week. At that time, you’ll be ready for a modafinil addiction treatment program that helps with the psychological addiction. Because the modalities combine to create an intensive immersion in a therapeutic setting, you’ll see results quickly.

You have nothing to lose but the habit. Secondly, you have everything to gain, particularly access to a modafinil addiction treatment Florida can count on. Connect with our modafinil addiction treatment center therapists today. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery by dialing 866.294.5306 now.