Methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is becoming popular in all demographics. It’s cheap and easy to get. However, it’s a destructive drug that quickly hooks its users and makes detoxification scary. That said, therapists at the Serenity House Detox & Recovery can help you overcome meth withdrawal symptoms.

Understanding the Science behind Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

woman struggling with meth withdrawal symptoms and treatmentAfter even just a few uses, the drug alters your brain chemistry. Therefore, the body develops a dependency on the presence of the chemicals. Meth withdrawal treatment helps you deal with what happens when you don’t feed the body the drug.

Until you decide to quit, cravings for the drug persuade you to keep using. For some individuals, this results in multiple days without sleep. You eat junk food if anything at all. The drug masks excessive tiredness.

Similarly, constant crashes keep you using. Therefore, you no longer manage to reach the high you’re looking for. This experience can result in anger, frustration, and aggressive acting out. People at this point are potentially dangerous to themselves and others.

There’s little doubt that the fear of meth withdrawal symptoms keeps you using. Your health suffers tremendously. You need meth withdrawal treatment. Almost all program participants benefit from subsequently going to rehab at a meth addiction treatment center South Florida trusts.

Typical Meth Withdrawal Symptoms during the Acute Phase

Acute meth withdrawal lasts seven to ten days. Serenity House Detox & Recovery offers the meth withdrawal treatment Florida locals can count on. That’s because therapists realize what you’re up against. There’s the fatigue that seems to swallow you up.

However, you can’t relax and go to sleep. Psychosis keeps your mental processes spinning in circles. Most importantly, there’s the deepening depression that makes you question your decision to enroll in meth withdrawal treatment. You crave foods that contain simple carbohydrates.

Examples include junk food and sugary sodas. You’d do anything for another fix. During the detoxification, experts customize a program for you. It addresses meth withdrawal symptoms.

Therapeutic approaches might include:

  • Medication assisted treatment that takes the edge off anxiety and depression
  • Exercise therapy to help your body relax, produce dopamine and experience normal fatigue
  • Nutrition education and support to encourage healthy eating habits and a return to a healthier lifestyle
  • Group therapy for anger management and talk therapy to work through your frustration
  • Psychotherapy deals with co-occurring mental health challenges and similar conditions.

Relapse Prevention Training

Detoxification helps you deal with the acute meth withdrawal treatment Florida users need. It breaks the physical hold the drug has on you. In the process, you receive a lot of peer support as well as therapist input. Relapse prevention training is part of the experience.

The psychological component of addiction is powerful with meth. Even though you’ll feel a lot better after detox, don’t quit treatment. Unless you receive assistance with this part of the condition, you’re likely to return to substance abuse. Doing so after detox might put you at risk of using an overdose.

A Word on Anhedonia

Anhedonia refers to an inability to experience pleasure. It ties in with the depression you feel during withdrawal. Similarly, it occurs because the chemicals in meth manipulated your brain chemistry.

It won’t last forever, even though right now it might feel like it. Most importantly, it might follow you along with post-acute meth withdrawal symptoms. Don’t give up. Treatment didn’t fail.

It just takes a while for things to return to normal. That’s why Serenity House Detox & Recovery, which offers the meth withdrawal treatment Florida can count on, undertakes addiction education. You understand what to expect. Find out today how we’ll help you overcome meth withdrawal symptoms by dialing 866.294.5306 now.