Guy in checkered shirts asking, how long does detox take?If you’re a resident of Florida, you may have recently been affected by the rising tide of opioid addiction that is sweeping through the state and the country. Opioids are the second-most abused illegal substance. More individuals than ever are seeking detox and treatment. If you’re considering seeking detox and rehab treatment, you wonder how long does detox take. Here’s some information for you if treatment is in your future.

How Long Does Detox Take To Work

Your first question when entering detox is likely to be: How long does detox take, usually? Asking this question about the general nature of detox occurs for nearly everyone who seeks sobriety. Many detox programs take multiple weeks to complete. You may find some treatment programs that last as long as 90 days.

One of the most important things to remember is that addiction is a chronic illness that is prone to relapse. This means that even if your detox program has concluded after a few weeks, your journey to a sober lifestyle has not. Remaining sober requires daily maintenance and practice of the skills you develop during detox and treatment.

Inpatient Detox

Depending on what substance you need detox for, the detox process at an inpatient facility may take a week or more to make sure that you’ve worked through all the withdrawal symptoms. Many detox facilities work with individuals in recovery to encourage them to begin treatment immediately after detox or that they can transition as smoothly as possible to a rehab facility.

Harsher substances that require medical detox may call for a longer stay at an inpatient facility. Substances such as alcohol require close monitoring to avoid potentially fatal consequences. Addiction to heroin may mean that you need to begin a regimen of methadone in order to satisfy your bodily craving without feeling the effects of withdrawal from this illegal substance. A medical detox program may take longer in that case.

Multiple Substances Detox

Many individuals struggle with addiction to multiple substances when they start treatment. If you’re wondering how long does detox take when you’re addicted to multiple substances, the answer may vary depending on those substances. Many individuals require dual diagnosis treatment to assist with addiction to multiple substances or to assist with addiction that occurs in tandem with mental illness.

Often times, it’s the habits surrounding an addiction that will cause abuse of multiple substances to occur. Breaking down these habits is one of the first things that a good treatment facility will help you accomplish. Once that’s done, you will build healthy habits that allow you a life of sobriety. Detox may not take any longer regardless of how many substances you’ve been abusing. If you stick to your program and focus on the end goal, you’ll get better.

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