Every part of the body influences the others in some way. Because of that, physical pain can cause mental misery and vice versa. These issues arise during drug withdrawal, making it difficult to overcome addiction. Seeking treatment at a holistic detox center can address all aspects of someone’s health to make overcoming addiction easier.

The Dangers of Withdrawal

Holistic detox center in Florida works for woman on tableWithdrawal is a process that occurs when people have an addiction and stop using drugs. It happens because the brain and body depend on the drugs to function normally. When people quit using the drugs on which they’re dependent, the mind and body respond with withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the drugs. The mental side effects can include anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia and poor concentration. The physical symptoms may include muscle tension, difficulty breathing, sweating and heart palpitations. Dangerous symptoms can also manifest, such as delirium tremens, grand mal seizures, hallucinations, heart attacks, and strokes.

Since people can’t predict whether or not dangerous withdrawal symptoms will arise, it’s essential that they get help. Supervised care at a holistic detox center can provide treatment for withdrawal to lessen or completely prevent severe symptoms.

How a Holistic Detox Center Can Help

A holistic approach to drug detox can treat the body, mind, and spirit. A holistic detox center in Florida may use holistic methods to complement medication-assisted treatment. This approach can reduce the amount of time it takes for people to recover from withdrawal.

In general, holistic medicine can reduce pain and tension, improve self-care, and decrease depression, insomnia and stress. It provides education about how the body works and encourages people to engage in treatment. Furthermore, research shows that holistic care enhances overall addiction recovery. Combining it with evidence based practice can teach people additional skills that support ongoing sobriety.

A holistic detox center in Florida can show people how to bring their bodies, minds, and spirits into balance. The approach can help them control their physical and emotional states in stressful situations. It’s also an excellent way to prepare them for everyday life after treatment.

Types of Holistic Detox Treatments

The holistic experiences that people have will likely differ between a standard and luxury detox center. For instance, a luxury facility might make meals with organic foods or have a gym and movie theater as amenities.

In either case, people get plenty of water and sleep, medical support, therapy sessions and time for exercise. Also, every holistic detox center is more likely to offer specific services more often than others.

Nutrition counseling is one of the most beneficial holistic approaches to detox. Having a healthy diet helps not only during detox but also afterward involves learning how to stay hydrated and make healthy food choices to achieve proper nutrition.

Physical fitness therapy and recreational exercise are integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A holistic detox center can offer activities such as team sports, weight training and running. These can help reduce stress and increase self-confidence. The hormone production that exercise stimulates can also improve mood.

Meditation therapy provides relaxation for the mind and body. This mindfulness technique can reduce anxiety, pain, and depression as well as improve sleep. Since all of these factors contribute to substance use, meditation is an ideal supplement to medication-assisted detox. It even enhances concentration so that people can focus on recovery.

Yoga is another mindfulness technique that uses breathing exercises, postures and meditation. These activities can heal mental, physical and spiritual well-being through anxiety and stress relief.

The Holistic Approach at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

Are you ready for substance abuse treatment at a holistic detox center in Florida? Serenity House Detox & Recovery uses a holistic approach at its facilities in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter. In addition to the above services, we offer chiropractic care to relieve pain and muscle tension.

Aside from our holistic approach, Serenity House Detox & Recovery provides gender-specific detox programs. We understand that men and women have different needs during recovery. Our men’s and women’s detox programs address these differences to deliver comprehensive, individual care. Some of our other detox programs include:

Affordable detox

Alcohol detox

Heroin detox

Cocaine detox

Meth detox

Stop the cycle of addiction so that you can begin to enjoy a healthy life. Get help at a holistic detox center to treat your whole body. Call 866-294-5306 so that Serenity House Detox & Recovery can show you the way to sobriety.