Overcoming a crack addiction isn’t easy, but it’s worth the fight. Addiction experts can help people get through withdrawal and learn how to cope with the disease. There are also more crack addiction treatment resources and methods than ever before. All that people need is the courage to seek help and the knowledge about what to expect.

Where to Get Help for Crack Addiction

woman at open window contemplating jumping needs crack addiction treatment right awayGetting crack addiction help might seem overwhelming because there are so many ways to begin the search. One of the first places people can look is at their primary doctors’ offices. People who see psychologists or other therapists for mental illnesses can ask them for help as well.

By talking to doctors or therapists, people can get referrals for detox and rehab centers. They may also get help with choosing a treatment facility. If they decide to begin their search online, they can get help from family members or close friends. Some churches and other organizations might assist as well.

In the crack addiction treatment process, detox is the first and one of the most critical phases. A crack detox program cleanses the body of drug toxins so that it can adjust to functioning normally again. Because of that, people need to make sure that the detox centers they choose give them undivided attention. The facilities should create customized treatment plans and offer several services to address their unique needs.

Rehab is the second essential phase of full-scale treatment. Those with crack addiction often benefit most from inpatient rehab programs that last for 90 days or longer. Like detox centers, rehab facilities should create customized treatment plans and offer a variety of addiction services.

After detox and rehab, people with crack addiction still need support to stay sober. They could join aftercare programs at treatment centers, see private therapists or attend support group meetings. Having a community of support ensures that they get assistance and encouragement when they need it the most.

Crack Cocaine Withdrawal

Along with being an essential first step in crack addiction treatment, a medical detox program is necessary to overcome withdrawal. The symptoms that arise when people stop using crack are one reason why it’s so hard not to use again.

Intense cravings and mental side effects most commonly occur during crack withdrawal. They can include anxiety, extreme fatigue, severe depression, insomnia, and nightmares. These symptoms can last for several days to weeks depending on how long and how often people used the drug. In general, using for long periods and in large amounts equates to severe withdrawal symptoms and an extended withdrawal period.

These issues make relapse a real possibility for many people. However, they can get help to conquer withdrawal at a medical detox and rehab center.

Crack Addiction Treatment Methods

There are two primary treatment methods for crack addiction. However, people get the most benefit out of a combination of these strategies.


The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved medications to treat crack addiction. However, doctors can use several medicines to reduce symptoms during withdrawal.

For instance, disulfiram is a medicine that may deter people from using cocaine. Modafinil is a medication that could block the high that cocaine produces. Antidepressants and nausea meds can address crack withdrawal symptoms as well.


Cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies are very popular for treating addictions because they’re so effective. Therapists at detox and rehab centers use a variety of techniques during crack addiction treatment.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one example because it’s easy for counselors to tailor the treatment according to their clients. The goal of this technique is to help clients identify problematic emotions and thoughts. Then, they can learn skills that help them transform these issues into positive feelings and thoughts. What follows are positive behaviors that naturally eliminate negative actions such as drug abuse.

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