Although Ativan treats anxiety disorders, seizures, and also used as a muscle relaxant, it has a lot of potential for abuse. Fortunately, there are methods of Ativan detox that have proven effective. With effective detox and further treatment at an Ft Lauderdale detox center, a life free from Ativan addiction is attainable!

Ativan Detox

According to the American Addiction Centers Ativan has a half-life of 10-12 hours which means withdrawal symptoms can occur as soon as 24 hours after the last dose. Once Ativan detox begins, it is very likely that withdrawals will also begin. Withdrawal typically happens in two stages: the acute and prolonged stage.

During the acute stage, patients may experience the following withdrawal symptoms:Patient is meeting a doctor at ativan detox

  • Headaches
  • Increased blood pressure and tremors/sweating
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Anxiety, panic attacks or mood swings
  • Seizures (in rare cases)

After the acute stage, a patient may continue to have similar symptoms but also be at risk for depression.

Of course, the way patients experience withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on how long they have been taking Ativan, how much their usual dose is, and their unique physical, emotional and psychological characteristics. The process of Ativan detox ensures that the patient is safe and as comfortable as possible while going through withdrawals. A successful detox can lead to a lasting recovery.

Medical Detox and Medication

The Ativan detox process can be comfortable for the patient thanks to medical detox programs and the use of medication assisted treatment. There are certain medications that help to ease the Ativan withdrawal symptoms.

For example, melatonin (a hormone that assists with sleep) can be used during detox. Paxil (an antidepressant) can also treat withdrawal symptoms of Ativan. Medical detox can be provided in both inpatient and outpatient treatments. Inpatient treatment is recommended for patients who have a high risk of severe symptoms. Inpatient detox provides 24-hour monitoring by doctors and nurses that check vitals, administer medication and prevent patients from using.

While outpatient detox patients may still be able to take medication, they do not receive 24-hour monitoring and are vulnerable to using again. The consequences of using before completing treatment can be fatal and are why outpatient detox is recommended only to patients with mild withdrawal symptoms and a stable support system.

Medical detox is the best choice when starting recovery from addiction. While many people try to detox on their own, it can be very risky, especially for those who are at risk for severe withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox can keep people safe in the event of severe symptoms. Also, many people who try to detox on their own are at risk of relapsing. Medical detox can provide monitoring that keeps patients honest.

Starting Ativan Detox

While many think that therapy does not start until rehab, at an Ativan detox center in Florida, detox services including Ativan detox begin therapy as soon as the patient is able to focus and participate. Behavioral and cognitive therapies are used to help patients combat urges to use. Experiential therapies have also become more popular. This involves using activities such as crafts, art therapy, music, or yoga therapy to help create a relaxing environment and help patients to address the root of their addiction problem.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery provides exceptional Ativan detox that caters to the specific needs of each patient. Life without addiction is possible and our Ft. Lauderdale detox center puts you on the right track to a long and successful recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with an Ativan addiction call Serenity House Detox & Recovery at 866.294.5306 to find out more about our Ft. Lauderdale detox center and how you can get help today!