Living through an addiction can be a harrowing experience. The day-to-day cycle of addiction often takes a significant toll on the drug user’s life. Even when someone decides to stop abusing drugs, they face another considerable problem–withdrawal symptoms. While potential withdrawal symptoms may vary from one substance to the next, a Jupiter inpatient detox program can deal with them all.

Why a Jupiter Inpatient Detox Program?

Group therapy session at a Jupiter inpatient detox programSouth Florida, including Jupiter, stands as one of the top detox and rehab destinations in the country. The area has earned this reputation by providing leadership and innovation in the addiction treatment industry. For people who believe they deserve the best treatment possible, this area should top the list of places to seek treatment.

With so many top addiction treatment centers in the area, it makes sense that a place like Serenity House Detox & Recovery would also maintain an excellent reputation. Our counselors and clinicians understand the importance of preparing patients for the rigors of therapy. Simply put, the best detox clinicians want to work where they can interact with the industry’s top counselors.

For patients, there’s a lot of benefits that come from getting premier services at every level of treatment. A detox program is often just as important as the actual treatment program. It sets the table for what happens through the rest of treatment. If a patient can get continuity of treatment in one area, it makes the entire process more palatable. Using reputation as a guideline, it doesn’t get much better than a Jupiter inpatient detox program plus treatment.

About the Detox Process

A top Jupiter inpatient detox program follows a high standard of treatment protocols. The first task a detox center’s clinicians face is determining the proper course of treatment. They usually accomplish this through an admission interview process. They seek information about the length and depth of the patient’s addiction.

For a mild addiction, it’s entirely possible the patient will go through detox naturally. That means the clinicians will merely monitor progress and make sure the patient is comfortable. If the addiction is substantial, the doctor may prescribe a medical detox program. Under these circumstances, a patient will get medication if they need it for sleeping and pain issues. Without this extra help, the patient could become discouraged, leading them to reject further treatment. That doesn’t serve anyone.

At the highest levels of addiction, doctors may use medication assisted treatment. They will usually prescribe “tapering” drugs that allow the patient’s body to adjust to the denial of their drugs slowly. While a regular detox program might take 5-7 days, a tapering drug program might last several weeks. The ultimate goal of every Jupiter inpatient detox program is preparing each patient for rehab.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery – A Top Jupiter Drug Detox Center

At Serenity House Detox & Recovery, we are very proud of our reputation in the addiction treatment industry. By focusing mostly on the detox process, we get the opportunity to keep patients safe until they can get past withdrawal symptoms. From there, we work with some of the area’s top rehab centers for patient placement. We can indeed boast of the fact we have an excellent reputation with many of the top facilities in Florida, such as our Jupiter drug detox center. Here’s a partial list of detox options we offer:

If you want the best treatment possible, you have to consider Jupiter as a treatment option. In some cases, a top treatment facility may not provide detox services. That’s when Serenity House Detox & Recovery can step in and play a role in the recovery process. We stand as a top Jupiter inpatient detox program. For more information about our services, you can call us at 866-294-5306.