A rehab center in CT may not be the best for your addiction.The extent of drug addiction in Connecticut may not be widely known to many citizens of the state. The most recent information available shows that 372 Connecticut residents died in 2010 alone as direct results of drug abuse and addiction. Perhaps a rehab center in CT is in your future.

One of the worst drugs available on the streets is heroin, and this is Connecticut’s biggest drug problem. For the last 20 years, heroin has been the number one drug of abuse in Connecticut. Unfortunately, heroin addiction also has the worst symptoms of withdrawal.

Going through withdrawal from any addictive substance can be a difficult experience. Withdrawal occurs when the body no longer gets the drugs to which it has become accustomed. As a result, the body exhibits a violent response, and withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, paranoia, and hallucinations can occur.

A Rehab Center in CT May Not Be the Drug and Alcohol Detox Answer You Need

Fortunately for Connecticut residents, there is an answer to the terrible plague of addiction in the state. A drug and alcohol detox center offers everything an addict needs to begin the recovery process. At a detox and treatment center, patients are able to cease their drug use while receiving physical and emotional support. During rehab, group therapy and one on one therapy sessions help patients to better understand their emotions and find their way out of addictive tendencies.

Can Friends and Family Members Help Addicted Connecticut Residents?

Yes! Close friends and family members can be of great service when it comes to helping their loved ones who are struggling with addiction. They can help tremendously in the following ways.

  • Intervening and voicing their concern
  • Helping addicts find a drug and alcohol detox location
  • Being supportive throughout rehab
  • Helping patients get back on their feet once out of rehab
  • Creating a drug and alcohol-free environment at home following treatment

Finding a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center for Connecticut Residents

You are a Connecticut resident currently addicted to drugs or alcohol. We have the answer you’ve been looking for. Get your drug or alcohol addiction effectively treated at our detox center. Our facilities, located in Florida, have everything you’ll need to get back on your feet and get your life back. While leaving Connecticut may seem scary, leaving your familiar friends and places may be the best choice for your long-term success. Contact Serenity House Detox today at 866-294-5306 for more information.