Minnesota Drug Addiction Treatment


Minnesota is a beautiful state with abundant natural resources, great cities, and a unique culture. However, even in an energized state like Minnesota, there are significant numbers of people struggling with addiction and substance abuse.

Although Minnesota has a low drug overdose mortality rate, even one death at the hands of drugs or alcohol is too many. For that reason, getting addiction treatment early is crucial for Minnesota families.

Pure Mexican Heroin Enters Twin Cities

When a state’s drug addiction rates are as low as they are in Minnesota, it can be easy for the government to get caught unprepared when a drug crisis comes. That’s exactly what happened recently when the Twin Cities was flooded with cheap, pure heroin.

In 2013, Hennepin County reported 54 heroin overdose deaths. That number may not sound like much, but it is nine times what the number was in 2008 when there were only six deaths reported. In 2011, Hennepin County reported close to 3,500 emergency room visits related to heroin use, a number that had nearly doubled since 2009.

Experts say the new heroin in Minnesota comes from Mexican drug cartels. In 2009 (the last year data was available), Minneapolis had some of the purest and cheapest heroin in the country. The DEA believes this flood of heroin reflect cartel attempts to establish a heroin culture and market in Minnesota.

Minnesota Meth: Horrible Consequences for Addiction

Heroin isn’t the only drug around in Minnesota. Methamphetamine remains popular and its popularity may even be growing in some parts of the state.

Many people across the country have been under the false impression that methamphetamine use died out in 2005–2006. In fact, methamphetamine use did decline during that period when the federal government took steps to tightly control the supply of pseudoephedrine, the drug used to make methamphetamines. The DEA also cracked down even harder on home methamphetamine labs, a move that reduced the supply of methamphetamines across the country.

But the demand for methamphetamine remained, and today a new supply has made methamphetamine use cheaper and easier to obtain for many Minnesotans.

Methamphetamine is an incredibly dangerous drug to get hooked on. Some of the worst health problems associated with methamphetamine use include:

  • High blood pressure, increased heart rate
  • Heart attack, stroke
  • Meth mouth
  • Brain damage
  • Collapsed veins, transmittable disease, heart infection (if injected)

Minnesota Residents: Don’t Wait, Get Detox Today

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