Can I be cured of my methamphetamine addiction? The drug addiction rehabilitation community is often hesitant to use language like “cured” because it implies addiction is like a virus that when defeated, will be gone forever. In reality, addiction is more like diabetes or high blood pressure: with the right medical treatment and the right behavioral treatment, you can stay healthy and clean, and not live in the destructive lifestyle of addiction. Fighting addiction takes work and commitment, but there is hope Methamphetamine is a drug that causes severe addiction which can take over a person’s life. Not only that, but long term meth use has severe consequences for a person’s health and well-being. But while the hooks of meth may go deep, and detox isn’t easy, treatment is possible and you can live a healthy, productive life. Click here to read about how recovery is a choice for your future.

Meth Addiction: The Binge and Crash Cycle

Why is meth addiction dangerous? One of the most life-threatening and dangerous aspects about methamphetamine addiction is the pattern of binging and crashing that meth addicts get into. Meth users often take the drug for its intensely euphoric and energizing effects. But as the body metabolizes the drug, the high wears off, and the user is required to take more to feel the effects again. They may keep this high going, not eating or sleeping, for several days. But inevitably their body begins to, basically, rebel, and tell them that they have to stop. When that happens the user crashes, and this period can last for many hours or days as well. This cycle is incredibly dangerous and harmful to the human body. Without sleep, the internal organs are forced to deal with the effects of the drug for long periods of time without any chance to repair. Not only is this cycle hard on the body, it also keeps the meth user from being productive. Where some addictions may be experienced in addition to a person’s life, methamphetamine addiction becomes a person’s life. Read more surprising methamphetamine facts here.

Crystal Meth Abuse Impacts Families & Communities

When meth users are on the binge and crash cycle, they neglect work, relationships, their own health, and even the wellbeing of their own children. For a family or a community, this is a disaster. Crime goes up when communities struggle with meth addiction, and families are torn apart. Meth may be one of the most damaging drugs on the planet to normal social structure.

The Benefits of Affordable Methamphetamine Detox

Are you ready to detox and finally get clean? Good. That’s the first step. Recovery starts when you take yourself and your sobriety seriously. And the people who take their recovery seriously know that Serenity House Detox & Recovery is the best place to break the binge and crash cycle of methamphetamine addiction. Serenity House is an industry leader in helping patients step out of the cycle of addiction. Take back your life at Serenity House Detox & Recovery.

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