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Drug addiction in New Jersey claims hundreds of lives every year. But those who suffer from substance abuse can recover with medical detox and addiction treatment. What makes treatment even more appealing is that you can do it near the beach in sunny South Florida. So why wait if you’re suffering from drug addiction in New Jersey, re-new your life today.

New Jersey has battled drug addiction for many years, and today the problem is as bad as ever before. Heroin and prescription drugs are some of the most popular and dangerous addictions. Alcohol and cocaine destroy many lives each year in the Garden State as well. But that doesn’t have to be your story. No matter how long you’ve abused drugs or alcohol, and no matter how severe your addiction is, there’s always the possibility for a fulfilling life after addiction.

Understanding the treatment process and what types of treatment programs exist is the best way to make sure you’re finding the perfect recovery center.

Detox Lays the Foundation for Recovery

Depending on the drug you use, the length of your addiction, and the severity of your addiction, treatment professionals may recommend different courses of action. However, starting with medical detox will allow you to get the drugs out of your system and get healthy before starting more long-term therapies.

Detox is incredibly important to addiction recovery because it allows you to enter into the phase of addiction treatment with a clear mind. Addiction is often fueled by underlying trauma or emotional wounds. Whether you enter group meetings, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or any other form of therapy, you can’t get to the root of the problem if you continue to use drugs and alcohol to escape your problems.

Detox Provides Multiple Benefits

A detox period accomplishes two important goals that are helpful to recovery, both physically and mentally:

  1. A detox period will help take you off the ledge of dangerous drug use. You won’t be at risk of overdose if you aren’t using. Detox also breaks the body’s dependence on the drugs, meaning your body can begin functioning normally again.
  2. A detox period shows you that you can take a break from drugs and alcohol. That may seem like a small victory, but knowing that you don’t need drugs and alcohol to function can be the first hopeful sign that recovery is possible.

Addiction Detox for New Jersey Residents

Serenity House Detox is a facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida that specializes in medical detox. If you struggle with substance abuse, starting with detox will give you the information and momentum you need to take the next step in recovery.

Our South Florida Detox Center is near the beach, with easy access to a number of activities that provide the perfect alternative to harmful drug use. Call Serenity House Detox today for more information on how detox can start your recovery process the right way.

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