New Options for Detox In Pittsburgh Offer Unique PerspectiveA recently completed National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that as of 2012, nearly 9% of all Pittsburgh residents, nearly 200,000 people, were suffering from a substance abuse disorder. Coupled with this disorder were bouts of depression in nearly 116,000 of those adults. With addiction being a chronic disease often tied to additional mental illness, many people would greatly benefit from pursuing detox in Pittsburgh or other areas.

Working to assist Pittsburgh residents in beginning their journey to sobriety are detoxification facilities all over the country. While it may seem best to pursue detox in Pittsburgh for those who are from the area, much can be gained from traveling for treatment. For example, a detox facility is sunny Florida can help individuals who were looking for a local Pittsburgh detox.

Facilities Outside Of A Detox In Pittsburgh Will Likely Take Your Insurance

Working through the process of identifying a detox facility you feel will work best for you can be particularly difficult when it comes time to verify that a particular facility will work with your current insurance provider. Thankfully, individuals with national insurance providers will likely find that numerous detox centers accept most national insurance plans. While each plan may provide a different amount of coverage, there’s no reason to assume that traveling for detox will work any differently than a detox in Pittsburgh when it comes to insurance.

Centers Other Than A Detox In Pittsburgh Often Offer Unique Perspective

One of the primary benefits of pursuing treatment outside of a detox in Pittsburgh for Pittsburgh residents is often that once you have gotten some distance between yourself and your normal surroundings, you’ll be free to build new habits that can promote your sobriety. In many cases, there are harmful triggers in your everyday environment that may only serve to see you immediately relapse after you have begun treatment. By traveling out of state for detox and treatment, you can be sure those triggers are far away from you.

In some cases, the local culture may have an influence on the speed of your recovery as well. Individuals detoxing from alcohol often benefit from physical activities like hiking. By traveling to a place such as Florida, you will have plenty of sunshine to soak in while you begin your journey to sobriety in a medical detox center.

Even If Treatment Is Only Slightly Different Than A Detox In Pittsburgh, You May Benefit Much More

Many detox facilities focus on the same techniques, often preparing individuals in recovery for similar transitions when it comes time to pursue more aggressive addiction treatment. However, by pursuing treatment away from your normal environment, you can ensure that you properly set the tone for your transition. For individuals who will require dual diagnosis treatment for a mental disorder, setting the proper tone for your transition may have a huge impact on successful treatment overall.

Serenity House Detox Center is a high quality detox provider in sunny Florida. With an experienced staff and programs capable of being fully customized to the needs of the individual, Serenity House Detox Center works to ensure the comfort of those beginning their treatment process. Located only a few miles from the beach with two luxurious locations, you can start your journey to sobriety off right.

Take back control of your life from your patterned drug abuse. Call 1-866-396-4129 for more information about how a detox facility outside of Pittsburgh can assist you in garnering true freedom from your addiction. Don’t wait to get your life back on track, pick up the phone and call today.