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detox in massachusettsSubstance abuse and drug addiction threaten the lives and livelihoods of Massachusetts residents. From alcoholism to heroin abuse, substance abuse creates many victims in every section of the population. If you’re looking for detox in Massachusetts, you may want to look in a more southerly direction.

The drug abuse scene in Massachusetts is always changing and evolving. Today, some of the most damaging drug issues include:

There’s good news for anyone addicted to these drugs: addiction treatment can break the cycle of addiction in your life!

Massachusetts Governor Declares Heroin State of Emergency

If you speak to Boston law enforcement officers about the worst drugs in their city, they will tell you that heroin is the biggest problem out there today. In recent years, heroin abuse has grown into a monster of a problem with the Department of Public Health reporting 863 overdose deaths in 2013. That number is up from 526 overdose deaths just three years earlier.

State legislature and law enforcement officials have attempted to slow the growth of heroin abuse. The Governor even declared heroin abuse a public health emergency, a move which allowed him to increase funding to combat drug abuse. An extra $20 million was given to treatment and recovery facilities and law enforcement officers were given naloxone kits, a drug which reverses the effects of a heroin overdose. And yet despite these measures, heroin abuse continues to grow.

Cocaine Remains a Boston Problem

Cocaine is responsible for a major portion of Massachusetts’ drug overdoses. Many experts believe cocaine is brought from Central and South America by boat and plane into Florida. From there, it is trafficked up the eastern seaboard to Massachusetts. Both crack and powdered cocaine are popular across Boston but don’t look for detox in Massachusetts.

Cocaine may be in the news less these days than heroin, but it’s still extremely dangerous. Both powdered cocaine and crack have remained extremely popular over the last several decades. Like alcohol, it seems that cocaine abuse and crack addiction are a normal part of life for far too many people. From the poorest neighborhoods to the wealthiest Boston highrises, this drug ruins lives across the board.

Detox in Massachusetts Readily Available in Florida

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