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Substance abuse in Tennessee takes many lives every year. Unfortunately, new trends in drug use have caused the number of drug overdoses to skyrocket in the state in recent months and years. However, with professional assistance, even those who have battled addiction for years can get treatment and enjoy a full recovery. Florida detox provides the right environment in which to detox for Tennessee residents.

Tennessee has an unusual location. It’s bordered by eight other states, more than any other state in the country. This means that Tennessee is a major transportation hub, and cities like Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville are centers for major drug trafficking.

Unfortunately, this exposure to drugs has led to many Tennessee residents coming in contact with drugs early in life. Tennessee currently has the 8th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country, according to the non-profit substance abuse research group the Trust for America’s Health.

Prescription Drugs Plague Tennessee

Prescription drugs have caused a major crisis in Tennessee. In 2013, the most recent year data was available, 1,166 people died from drug overdose, the majority coming from prescription drugs. The state has worked hard to reduce prescription drug addiction, and has even cut the rate of “doctor shopping” in half since 2012. (Doctor shopping occurs when a patient seeks out the same prescription for the same problem from multiple doctors to get excessive pain pills.)

However, in spite of these efforts, USA Today reports that Tennessee still has an estimated 69,000 painkiller addicts. Many of these addicts didn’t seek out drugs to get high, but instead developed an addiction after a legal prescription for a legitimate medical condition.

Heroin Presents Serious Danger to Tennessee Residents

Unfortunately, despite the dropping prescription drug abuse rate in Tennessee, the abuse rate of heroin has increased. Some say the amount of opiate addicts hasn’t changed, but that many have shifted to heroin from prescription drugs. Heroin is now easier to get and cheaper than prescription drugs in the Volunteer State. This fact has led to a skyrocketing rate of heroin overdoses.

One of the most tragic aspects of heroin addiction is that it’s impossible to know when the next dose will be your last. Many dealers dilute the heroin with dangerous cutting agents. Some use the synthetic opiate fentanyl to make the drug stronger. However, all it takes is a marginally stronger batch of the drug, or using the drug after drinking alcohol, and you can overdose. If no one is around to take you to the emergency room or call the ambulance, you can easily die.

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