Can I find affordable Colorado detox programs?

As one of America’s most celebrated homes to microbreweries, and with amazing skiing and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, Coloradans know how to have fun. But what happens when that fun turns into deadly addiction?

The impulse to experiment with drugs and alcohol often starts as a harmless desire to have a good time. But in the right circumstances, that first experiment can turn into weeks, months or even years of addiction.

Substance abuse is a massive social problem that tears apart the things we hold dear. For those who need help, there’s hope. Click here to read about how opiate addiction can be treated.

Getting Treatment for Colorado Heroin Addiction

Heroin seems like a relic of the past. But it’s alive—and dangerous as ever. How did this happen?

Many experts believe that heroin and prescription painkillers have both become more popular because they have much in common. Heroin is an opiate that calms people down and blocks feelings of pain. But it’s very dangerous as well, and heroin addiction destroys the internal organs. Heroin has become so popular that it has even invaded small towns and suburban neighborhoods.

More than ever before, young people are at great risk because the heroin on the market is pure enough to be snorted or smoked instead of injected. As a Colorado resident, you must face a hard truth… heroin may be one of the biggest threats to your way of life.

Ski Town Alcoholism

Alcohol and skiing may not seem like a very safe combination, but the two pastimes have become intertwined in many Colorado ski towns. Since Colorado already has an established drinking culture powered by countless microbreweries, and since ski towns often have a relaxed atmosphere, ski towns seem to be the epicenter of heavy drinking in Colorado. When that drinking gets in the way of all other responsibilities, it’s time to find help.

Getting the Best Detox in Florida

Have you thought about life after addiction?

If so, you might be interested to know that health insurance can cover your stay while in treatment. Serenity House Detox specializes in the practice of medical detox. Having the help of specialists can really make a difference in your recovery outcome. Best of all, Serenity House is located in an optimal location for your recovery: the sunny beaches of South Florida.

Don’t live with addiction any longer. With treatment so accessible, you don’t have to! Check out the stories of past Serenity House Detox clients and see why treatment at Serenity House means a successful recovery.


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