Group Health Incorporated or GHI Florida is part of the EmblemHealth company. GHI is widely accepted throughout the state of Florida. Your plan may or may not cover detoxing services in full. The best way to find out about this is to contact your health insurance coverage in Florida.

Does GHI Florida Cover Detox?

GHI is a part of EmblemHealth. Many EmblemHealth plans do cover detox services. A detox stay would be usually considered the same as a regular hospital stay for people with plans that cover hospital stays. EmblemHealth does not appear to include inpatient rehab programs. Please note that you should always call and ask your provider about coverage no matter what you may think the situation is. You may have missed an update to your policy, or a worker could have given you some incorrect information at some point.

Most plans through GHI Jupiter and EmblemHealth should cover outpatient visits, again calling to find out how much coverage you have is a great idea.

When you are looking for detoxes, you should find a handful that you like, and that will accept your GHI plan. The detoxes may or may not be able to tell you how much your policy will cover. You will then want to take this information and call your insurance provider to learn what is precisely included.

The worst thing you can do to yourself at this point is to open the mailbox to a bill for thousands of dollars that you were not expecting to pay. This could stress you out and cause you to relapse.

Here are some questions to be ready to ask about your health insurance coverage in Florida:

  • Ask about specific coverage for the detoxes that you chose
  • Ask about coverage for medications
  • If you will need to cover your deductible during your stay before they offer coverage
  • Ask about any co-pays

Additionally, you should ask:


  • Ask how many days of care you are eligible for
  • What coverage do you have for other types of treatment
  • Coverage for an inpatient rehab
  • How much coverage you have for outpatient counseling
  • Will they cover an intensive program or a partial hospitalization programa group therapy session of ghi florida patients

By the end of your conversation, you should have a good idea about the costs that you will be facing after going to detox and what services are available to you after detoxing. Now you know, and that is half of the battle. If the price tag seems too high for you, there are many options you can seek out for additional assistance when it comes to attending a detox or other types of care.

Many facilities offer their services on sliding scale fee, so if you are only partially covered, you should ask about a discount and a payment plan. There are also opportunities in the form of grants and scholarships available to people that qualify for and apply for them. You can also ask friends or family to give you a hand with the costs and figure out some way to repay them in the future. You can also try to apply for a loan or use a credit card if that works for you.

What to Expect at Detox

The whole reason to attend a GHI Florida detox facility is that people going through detox are likely to use again to make the pain of detoxing stop. A detox facility can make you as comfortable as possible while detoxing. Likewise, you cannot access stores that contain alcohol, friends, or others that may have drugs.

Additionally, at detox:

  • You will feel ill and you may feel depressed
  • Can obtain medications to help with your symptoms
  • You will live in a clean place to detox
  • Learn different types of therapy
  • You will partake in support groups and you will learn some coping skills
  • Given a higher probability of success at beginning a new healthy, and sober life.

Finding a Detox

Detox is well worth the few dollars that you will spend on it in comparison with the money that will flow through your hands throughout your life. Imagine all of the great things that you could do with the money saved from drinking or drugging. The Serenity House Detox & Recovery accepts GHI Florida and GHI Ft. Lauderdale. Give us a call today at 866.294.5306 to find out more.