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Drug addiction is a journey that begins with detox. Once your system gets cleared from the toxins of drugs, you are ready to move to the next phase in the journey. Most people recovering from substance use disorder also need to get involved in individual and group therapy in order to continue on the path of healing. However, even after all of these treatments, there is the everyday life that you must live after drugs. This can be challenging, and it sometimes requires chronic relapse treatment. If you have struggled to maintain sobriety, then a chronic relapse treatment center in Florida is a place that will guide you on the right pathway.

Why Do People Relapse?

People end up going back to drugs (relapsing) for a variety of reasons. Everyone is different. Most people who relapse will do so relatively soon after quitting drugs. However, some people have been known to relapse even after several years of sobriety. Here are a few of the reasons people may relapse:

  • They quit the program too fast. Maybe they just did the detox program and didn’t follow up with therapy
  • They don’t have a supportive network to encourage them on their journey
  • Still in contact with old friends who use drugs
  • They have a stressful or traumatic life-changing situation occur

People respond to stress and temptations differently. So, not all of these issues will cause someone to relapse, but they are definitely issues that could pose a risk.

How Can You Prevent Relapse?

If you are apt to be a chronic relapser, then implementing relapse prevention techniques in Florida is the best way to handle the situation. It’s better to take a proactive approach instead of waiting until something happens. Here are several helpful techniques:

  • Avoid people you know who use drugs or alcohol
  • Do not take any opioid or benzo prescription medication, because it can activate your brain’s craving for your drug of use
  • Get involved with activities to keep you busy
  • Exercise to increase the endorphins in your brain, which are the natural chemicals that make you feel happy and positive
  • Seek a chronic relapse treatment program where you can attend group therapy. This will allow you to connect with others who are experiencing similar issues
  • Attend individual counseling to gain strength to resist urgings

What Should You Do If You Relapse?

If you have been on the recovery journey and slipped up, do not despair and give up. That would be detrimental to you. Try to understand that recovery is a lifelong journey that may involve stumbling. The main thing is that you get up and seek treatment.

Find Chronic Relapse Treatment

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Our trained professionals are experienced in assisting with relapse prevention, and they are also equipped to deal with addiction withdrawal in a compassionate manner. Our goal is for you to be successful in finding the path to a brighter future. In addition, we use a broad range of detox therapies including:

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