Opium is a narcotic that’s common in a number of drugs. Using drugs that contain this narcotic are addictive. Read on for more information about opiate drugs and the dangers that come along with them. You may also need some information about detox and why it’s the first step to overcoming an opiate addiction.

What Is Opium?

Young woman with multi-colored background asking what drugs are made from opium.

Opium is a narcotic drug that comes from the papaver somniferum plant. More accurately, it’s the seed pods of this plant that yield the narcotic. Traditionally, people slit open the seed pods and let the inside sap dry. The sap dries into a yellowish brown paste that they can scrape off.

It’s this dried paste that contains varied amounts of alkaloids such as codeine and morphine. Many drugs contain these alkaloids. They act as natural painkillers. Unfortunately, they’re also extremely addictive and have severe withdrawal symptoms.

Heroin Addiction

One of the most dangerous and addictive drugs that come from opium is heroin. This drug contains the alkaloid morphine. When people take heroin, it creates a euphoric-like feeling and affects the central nervous system.

Heroin is a Schedule I drug, which makes it one of the most addictive drugs on the street. Unlike morphine and other painkilling drugs, heroin has no acceptable medical use in the United States. People take this drug for the rush that it gives them.

Since heroin has no medical use, there’s no regulation on its manufacturing process. Without regulation, the strength of heroin varies greatly. These varying levels are why the risk of overdose is so great with heroin. The drug has many different street names, including:

  • Horse
  • Brown sugar
  • H
  • Smack
  • Black tar

Opiate Drugs

Because of its painkilling properties, many prescription drugs contain opium. One example of this is oxycodone, which is a semi-synthetic drug. Doctors prescribe oxycodone as a pain reliever. Just like other opiate drugs, oxycodone is highly addictive.

Another drug that comes from opium is fentanyl. Like oxycodone, it’s a synthetic drug. However, it’s nearly 80 times more potent than other opiate drugs. Because of the potency, people usually receive fentanyl in the form of a patch. Getting the drug in patch form slows the delivery of the drug and helps provide lasting relief for chronic pain.

Methadone is yet another opiate drug. Unlike the others, however, people typically receive it as a treatment for heroin addiction. In fact, methadone has a chemical structure similar to morphine.

Most opiate drugs are highly addictive and cause extreme withdrawal symptoms when people stop using them. That’s why it’s so important to receive professional detox. Receiving help while detoxing creates a strong foundation for addiction recovery.

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