Methadone treats addiction to opioid drugs like heroin. It is very helpful when properly used. But it is also highly addictive because it creates a euphoric high and feelings of relaxation. When someone suffers addiction to the drug, they also suffer the ill effects of methadone withdrawal when they stop using it.

What is Methadone Withdrawal?

Young man despairing about heroin addiction and now methadone withdrawal

Methadone is similar to other opioids, in that it affects your brain’s opioid receptors. Methadone also activates processes of reward and pleasure in your brain. These rewarding, pleasurable feelings are what make people use methadone even when they don’t need the medication effects.

The more you use methadone, the harder it is to feel the same, strong effects of your early use. This is tolerance, meaning your body has adapted to having methadone in its system. You must use more methadone in increasing doses to keep feeling any of its effects and to prevent withdrawal. Over time, you even need methadone to just feel normal.

Withdrawal effects keep you from quitting your drug. They also keep you locked in the drug seeking and using cycle of methadone addiction. This cycle is exhausting but is clear evidence that you suffer addiction, needing help to get through the ill symptoms of methadone withdrawal.

Is Methadone Withdrawal Dangerous?

Like other types of opiate withdrawal, withdrawal from methadone is rarely deadly on its own. But your detox experience is not easy. You will feel ill and uncomfortable. You can even suffer life-threatening medical and psychological complications with deadly results.

Risks of methadone detox include choking after vomiting, dehydration due to ongoing diarrhea and vomiting, and psychological problems like anxiety and depression that may lead to suicidal thoughts or self-harm.

Relapse is one of the biggest risks of drug withdrawal. This is because your body is cleared of the drug during detox and your tolerance is not at the same level as during active drug use. If you relapse, you may overdose by simply using the amount you once used. This causes death for many people each year.

Withdrawal from methadone is very uncomfortable. Symptoms start about 24 to 30 hours after your last dose. As withdrawal begins, you start feeling sick. These sick feelings include:

  • Agitation, anxiety, irritability, and sleeplessness
  • Aching and pain
  • Watery eyes, runny nose, and sweating
  • Frequent yawning
  • Stomach cramping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Chills

Withdrawal from methadone lasts for up to 21 days. But you may experience prolonged symptoms as part of a condition called PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms). PAWS of prolonged withdrawal include depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, concentration problems, poor focus and poor decision-making.

Comfortable Detox for Methadone Withdrawal

Methadone detox can be safe, comfortable and secure. In an accredited medical detox program, you are kept comfortable, safe, healthy and supported throughout your detox experience. Addiction specialists understand what you are going through and they are ready to meet your needs from the beginning to the end of the withdrawal process.

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