You believe that detox for your sister is necessary. As a sister or brother of someone who’s struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, it can be heartbreaking. You see the effects that it’s having on the family – financial stress, hurt feelings, broken trust, all kinds of horrible consequences. And you see the effect that it’s having on your sister, too. You see her health declining; maybe she’s looking older, and maybe she’s had a few close calls with overdose. So if your sister is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, the only answer is recovery. Your sister needs to completely stop using the substance that she’s addicted to. Detox for your sister is a sensitive topic, you can be in a unique position to help her do that.

What Can Detoxification Do for My Sister?

What is detox? When you ask about detox for your sister, you know that detox is the very first step on your sister’s way to recovery. It involves getting rid of the drugs or alcohol that are currently in her system. This is necessary in order to for her to stop using them. But even more than that, the kind of detox matters. Your sister might insist that she can stop using drugs or alcohol anytime she wants. But, as we all know, these claims aren’t true. Most people find it impossible to stop using drugs or alcohol and detox by themselves. That’s why going to a detoxification center is so important. The other reason is that your sister can actually put her life in danger by trying to quit cold turkey. Instead, she needs medically supervised detox that will help her quit in a safe way.

What Can I Do to Help My Sister Recover?

Detox for your sister is a very sensitive topic to discuss. It’s never easy to talk about addiction in a family setting. It’s a sensitive subject, it makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and it can potentially lead to a lot of hurt feelings. But it’s a conversation that needs to happen. Lots of people won’t take the initiative to change on their own. They need help to see what’s happening and what they need to do. So approach your sister in a calm and supportive way. Emphasize to her that you’re on her side, and you see that she’s the victim. Drug abuse and alcoholism are a disease, and she’s suffering from one of them. And if detox for your sister is something that she is resistant to? Then remember that professional interventionists can help guide the conversation in the family.

Where Can My Sister Go for Florida Detox?

When your sister is ready to stop using drugs or alcohol and begin the road to recovery, Serenity House is where she can take the first step with detox. We customize and personalize our program of detox so that it’s your sister’s home away from home. And when she’s finished the course of detox, we make sure that she finds the right rehab center to continue her recovery.

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