Getting out of addiction is hard. You face withdrawal symptoms after abusing substances for long enough that you suffer physical and psychological dependence. But for people addicted to opioids, Suboxone detox provides help. This helpful medication bridges the gap between addiction and recovery, the gap you face to achieve a better life.

Suboxone detox also helps by giving you relief from cravings for your drug. That makes it easier to get through the earliest days of recovery. But to stay safe during Suboxone treatment, you need help from a licensed and accredited medical detox program.

About Suboxone Detox

Clinician talking to patient about Suboxone detoxSuboxone detox treats opioid addiction. The medication combines buprenorphine and naloxone. Together, these two medications help you break through cravings for your drug without getting you high. Using this drug, you trick your brain into thinking you have taken your usual opioid, so you do not suffer cravings.

Many people find success in recovery when they start it with Suboxone detox. Many studies prove how effective this treatment is in treating opioid addiction. But Suboxone alone is not enough to keep you sober for your lifetime. You also need therapies to learn about your addiction, why you started abusing drugs in the first place and how to stay sober.

Suboxone Detox Pros and Cons

Like any other treatment, Suboxone presents pros and cons. The positives include how Suboxone works well for many people with addictions like yours. Because several generic forms of Suboxone exist, you can better afford detox using the drug.

Other pros include reduction of your cravings using the medication, without feeling high. You enjoy better mental clarity on Suboxone than on methadone. Fewer side effects occur than when using other opioid detox drugs. You make better decisions on Suboxone and maintain better respiratory performance than with methadone, too.

The negatives of Suboxone include using the detox medication with your opioid. Not being under medical supervision also leads many people to abuse it. You can become dependent on Suboxone if you do not use it as directed.

For some people, detox drugs cause breathing problems, dizziness, sleepiness or coordination issues. Some experience liver problems, low blood pressure or allergic reactions.

Other people go through opioid withdrawal effects with the medication, including sweating, fever, shaking, runny nose and watery eyes. They also may experience goosebumps, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle cramps.

The best method of using Suboxone for detox is in a licensed and accredited detox facility, where you receive medical supervision. This keeps you safe from potential Suboxone side effects and your regular drug use. You gain an individualized treatment plan after a healthcare professional determines whether Suboxone is right for you.

Who Benefits from Detox Using Suboxone

The best environment for using Suboxone for detox is a licensed and accredited detox center like Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, Florida. When using Suboxone under medical detox supervision, you enjoy a more gentle detox from opioids, such as for heroin or fentanyl addiction. Also with Suboxone in a licensed facility you do not risk abusing the medication or becoming dependent on it.

You should not use Suboxone for home detox, especially if you self-dose and fear abusing the medication. People with allergies to Suboxone ingredients should not use it either. Pregnant women, people with breathing, lung, kidney or liver problems, or those using medications conflicting with Suboxone should not use it, either. People who drink alcohol should avoid using this medication without supervision.

Detox with Suboxone in Florida

Serenity House Detox & Recovery provides Suboxone detox for people the medication suits best. This means, if you suffer addiction to opioids you may benefit from Suboxone. Upon entry to Serenity House Detox & Recovery, you undergo an addiction and health assessment to determine the best methods for your safest and most comfortable withdrawal.

Other services provided by Serenity House Detox & Recovery include:

You should never go through detox alone. Serenity House Detox & Recovery offers the safe, supervised Suboxone detox you need. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery now at 866-294-5306 for more information about how to recover from an opioid addiction.