You planned to enter an inpatient rehab center South Florida talks about. However, the intake consultant told you that you need to detox first. What does this mean? Most importantly, how could Serenity House Detox & Recovery help you?

Why Would an Inpatient Rehab Center South Florida Trusts Ask You to Detox?

women in group therapy in an inpatient rehab center south floridaDetoxification is the process that lets you withdraw from a drug or alcohol. It enables you to break the physiological dependency. Therefore, you no longer wake up to withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, your body no longer reacts as though it needs the drug for survival.

Detoxification is a prerequisite for entering an inpatient rehab program. Facilities that offer the inpatient drug rehab South Florida relies on won’t allow program participants who’re still using. Some centers offer a detox program onsite; many don’t. That’s why spending a week at Serenity House Detox & Recovery is excellent preparation for rehab.

How Detox Prepares You for Rehab

You meet with medical professionals who customize a detoxification protocol for you. If you’re entering an inpatient rehab center South Florida doctors recommended for alcohol abuse, they’ll custom tailor care accordingly. Similarly, if you need an inpatient rehab program for stimulant abuse, there’ll be a different care setup.

That’s because each drug has different withdrawal symptoms. Because the goal’s to keep you safe and free from pain, medical experts must individualize treatment approaches. Examples include:

  • Medical supervision throughout the process that protects your wellbeing and ensures comfort
  • Medication assisted treatment that eliminates pain and minimizes discomfort
  • Men or women’s counseling for long-term recovery planning
  • Group therapy sessions for addiction education and to assist with verbalizing your emotions during this time
  • Assistance with transfers to your chosen inpatient rehab Jupiter is famous for

Why Treatment Customization is Crucial

You might only spend a week at Serenity House Detox & Recovery. That said, the care you undergo prepares you for attending an inpatient rehab center South Florida counts on. A generic approach won’t do. Rather, you need to be ready for the therapeutic interventions you experience there.

For this reason, many program participants elect to go through a mental health evaluation and begin treatment for dual diagnosis. It lays the groundwork for co-occurring therapies at an inpatient drug rehab South Florida trusts. Most importantly, it starts the process by removing a significant trigger. Some also ask to begin psychotherapy.

Because everyone has different reasons for abusing drugs or alcohol, therapists evaluate your readiness for the modality. Next, they work with you individually. You learn about yourself. Besides that, you identify areas you need to discuss with experts at the inpatient rehab FT Lauderdale locals go to.

What Happens in an Inpatient Rehab Program?

Many program graduates worry about what happens at an inpatient rehab center South Florida residents visit. Just as you did at Serenity House Detox & Recovery, you live at the facility. You work with caring therapists who help you recover. Unlike detox, which takes about a week, inpatient drug rehab South Florida counselors trust might take a month or longer.

That’s okay! You receive the care you need to understand your substance abuse patterns. Also, inpatient rehab program specialists assist you with identifying and disarming triggers. Finally, inpatient rehab FT Lauderdale counts on prepares you with social, life, and coping skills development.

Of course, it all starts at Serenity House Detox & Recovery, an inpatient drug detox center Jupiter relies on. Don’t try to withdraw cold turkey and put your health at risk. Prepare for your visit to inpatient rehab Jupiter attends by undergoing medical detoxification the right way.

Before you call an inpatient rehab center South Florida locals might go to, connect with Serenity House Detox & Recovery. Call 866.294.5306 to prepare for treatment.