Quitting alcohol use alone is dangerous and more likely to result in relapse than getting professional treatment. South Florida alcohol detox can provide the medical attention and resources that people need to achieve sobriety safely. However, they often feel confused when they see the variety of recovery programs available. Fortunately, learning about what an inpatient alcohol rehab center provides can steer them in the right direction.

What Is Inpatient Treatment?

group therapy at an inpatient alcohol rehab centerAn inpatient alcohol rehab center South Florida offers the highest level of care that people could need. It includes medical detox and 24-hour support since people live there for the duration of treatment. Anyone who has an alcohol addiction can enroll in an inpatient program. However, several factors increase the need for inpatient care over other program options.

For instance, people who are 60 or older tend to be more at risk of complications during alcohol detox. They could even develop life-threatening symptoms if they don’t get proper treatment. Inpatient alcohol rehab Jupiter and Ft. Lauderdale can offer specialized medical care for seniors.

Inpatient alcohol rehab Ft Lauderdale and Jupiter are also ideal for those who have co-occurring mental disorders. These mental conditions occur alongside substance use disorder. When people have co-occurring conditions, they must get dual diagnosis treatment. This personalized treatment addresses multiple issues at once.

In addition, people’s personal and family medical histories can increase their need for an inpatient alcohol rehab center. For example, they’re more likely to need inpatient treatment if they mix drugs and alcohol. Some other factors include having parents who abuse substances and having health conditions. In these cases, people need extra monitoring during alcohol detox.

What to Expect at an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center

Although every treatment center offers different services, they all follow a schedule. In general, an inpatient alcohol rehab center South Florida makes time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bedtime is usually early because the days start early. In between meals, it schedules everything from therapy to group activities and free time.

During the detox process, inpatient alcohol rehab Jupiter and Ft. Lauderdale will include medication. The purpose is to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms so that people remain as comfortable as possible. Knowing the stages of alcohol detox can help them prepare for what to expect.

The first stage occurs within the first 12 hours of quitting alcohol use. It involves the first withdrawal symptoms, which are usually sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and high blood pressure. People can have trouble sleeping and vomiting too. However, inpatient alcohol rehab Ft Lauderdale and Jupiter can reduce these symptoms.

The second stage occurs during the first and second days of detox and involves the worst symptoms. In fact, some people experience panic attacks, night terrors, hallucinations and seizures. With help from an inpatient alcohol rehab center, though, these symptoms are less severe.

The third stage occurs on the third to fifth days. During this period, people continue to have mood swings, shakiness, and nervousness because of withdrawal. Delirium tremens can also occur and cause serious side effects. Since it’s not always predictable, it’s essential for people to detox at an inpatient alcohol rehab center South Florida.

The final stage occurs from the sixth day. Withdrawal begins to subside over this time, so people have fewer symptoms and need fewer medications. However, they might experience a few lingering symptoms, such as low energy, anxiety and mood swings.

Get Inpatient Detox at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

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In addition to detox services, Serenity House Detox & Recovery includes addiction counseling and other therapies. We even provide dual diagnosis therapy for mental health disorders. Our goal is to empower you to stay sober.

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