One of the most difficult parts of recovering from a drug addiction is avoiding a drug relapse. Many people have the delusion that once the physical dependence is gone, staying sober shouldn’t be an issue. What people don’t realize is that the world around them hasn’t changed just because he or she decided to get sober. Everything that led a person to their drinking and using are still there. Whether it was stress, sadness, anger, a traumatic past, friends or family, it’s important to learn what the causes and conditions of a person’s addiction is to avoid relapse in the future.

A Long Term Rehab Will Help You Avoid Drug Relapse

Drug relapse for him can be prevented with continuing therapy.

Detoxification is a major part of treatment, but it’s only the beginning. In order to have the best chances of staying sober, it’s highly recommended that you go through a treatment program, and you’ll have an even better chance of staying sober when you stay for the maximum length of treatment. Ideally long term rehab treatment lasts about 90 days. Even though many facilities work with insurance companies, insurance may not cover that many days of treatment. Therefore it’s important to stay as long as possible and transition through different levels of care. Even if you can’t stay the full 90 days, moving into a sober living can be highly beneficial for your recovery.

The reason why treatment at detox and then rehab is so crucial is because the drugs or alcohol you were using clouded your judgment and caused many difficulties, but were only a small part of the problem. The main problem with people who suffer from addiction is how they react to life when life blows up. In treatment, you’re able to discover what your specific triggers are and how to cope with them in a healthier way in order to avoid drug relapse. This will involve various types of therapy in individual and group settings.

12-Step Programs Help Prevent Drug Relapse

It is highly recommended when people leave treatment that they attend 12-step meetings. These meetings can be extremely beneficial and just about every city in the country has meetings. Depending on which fellowship you feel most comfortable with and which one you can relate to the most, there are men and women in these meetings who can help guide through a sober life after treatment. These types of programs started in the 1930s, and they were the first type of program the world saw that actually helped people with long-term sobriety. Today, there are many different options for 12-step meetings like:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Heroin Anonymous
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous

These programs are designed to help you further continue your journey of recovery. The step process is about discovering more about yourself and learning how to help yourself as well as help others who are struggling with addiction. You can prevent your own drug relapse by being of service to others, which is the foundation of each of these programs.

Creating the Foundation to Avoid Drug Relapse

One of the leading causes of relapse is when people try to do a cold turkey or rapid drug detox. The pain and cravings to continue use are often far too much to handle. This is why you should allow Serenity House Detox & Recovery to help you during this important first stage of your recovery. We have a facility that uses incredible addiction treatment medicine to help our clients get through detox without all of the severe symptoms of withdrawal. We have a professional staff who wants to ensure you’re completely safe during this process as well. Start a new path to recovery by calling 866-294-5306. Avoid drug relapse and get your life back on track.