You Can't Always Trust Online Drug Detox Reviews

For the past several years, many people have turned to online customer reviews of restaurants, retail stores and personal services to determine whether a company is reputable and serves its customers well. This often works for screening non-essential services, but when it comes to drug detox reviews, you must exercise caution in believing all that is written on the web page.

One major reason that reviews shouldn’t always be taken too seriously is that many marketers pay for individuals to write drug detox reviews to help with online reputation and search engine marketing. In order for their detox center to be presented at the top of results from a search, reviews are sometimes falsified as a paid, unscrupulous marketing tactic.

Better Ways to Determine Quality, Than Drug Detox Reviews

Instead of looking to drug detox reviews for information about the quality of a detox center, there are objective, third-party means of verifying program excellence. These are the distinctions that you should look for to evaluate the detox program’s ability to deliver the services you need when starting on your path to addiction recovery.

Third-party distinctions like detox licensure and accreditation greatly outweigh drug detox reviews by unseen and unverified individuals. Together, these programs require the detox center’s dedication to ensuring patients are treated within a safe, comfortable environment in the most effective manner.

Florida State Licensure

The first step in properly managing a detox in Florida is to gain licensure from the Department of Children and Family Services. A stringent on-site review is conducted to ensure the facility has the proper staff, care quality, equipment and facilities for the service the center is seeking to provide.


Accreditation by an independent, third-party organization like the Joint Commission ensures excellence in standards and practices of a detox or rehab. Only about 6% of the nation’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities have received this accreditation and it’s a one-glance benchmark of high quality, patient satisfaction, outstanding reputation and program benefit. A detox center can be confirmed as Joint Commission-accredited through a gold or silver seal bearing the Joint Commission’s name at the bottom of the facility’s website.

Drug Detox Reviews Don’t Confirm Minimum Standards of Care Are Met

Another reason why drug detox reviews should be disregarded in your search for a reputable, quality detox center is that these reviews only provide a brief snippet of “praise” for a program. They don’t measure or evaluate the program’s ability to meet minimum standards of care.

On the other hand, state licensure and national accreditation ensure conformance to minimum standards of care. For accreditation, acceptable levels of care are high. The Joint Commission in particular requires exceptional quality in delivery of detoxification service.

State licenses and accreditation by the Joint Commission require the following of Florida drug detox providers:

  • Provision of the highest quality, evidence-based treatment
  • Consistent improvement of patient care
  • A secure, comfortable, confidential detox environment
  • Highly trained and licensed professional staff
  • Close monitoring of patient medical needs
  • Observance and upholding of patient rights

Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Florida Is Joint Commission Accredited

When you seek quality detox services to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, Serenity House Detox & Recovery of Jupiter and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida provides Joint Commission-accredited and state-licensed care. Every day, the staff of Serenity House Detox & Recovery work to provide the safest, most comfortable environment in which to start the road to recovery.

You owe it to yourself to gain sobriety from an accredited, licensed provider. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery today at 1-866-396-4129 for more information about facilities and detoxification programs.