Schizophrenia is a disabling condition. It hinders your ability to discern what’s real from what isn’t. Some people with the condition fall victim to substance abuse. Concurrent detox and schizophrenia disorder treatment at Serenity House Detox & Recovery could help you.

Enrolling in Treatment for the Dual Disorder

person consoling a man in group therapy at a schizophrenia treatment centerWe operate a schizophrenia treatment center Florida residents can count on. Serenity House Detox & Recovery therapists recognize that the mental illness impairs interpersonal relationships. It’s important to note that the condition itself isn’t alone. Anxiety and depression are natural outcroppings with the emotions that go along with it.

Schizophrenia disorder treatment must focus on these add-ons, too. Because you might not have a diagnosis, you try to handle symptoms on your own. Some people abuse cocaine for the high and energy. Others use marijuana because it mellows them out and calms anxiety.

At the schizophrenia treatment center Florida locals can count on, we understand your reasoning. Of course, you never intended to develop a chemical dependency. Instead, you did the best you could. Most importantly, you’re now looking for a way out of the vicious cycle of addiction.

Combine Schizophrenia Disorder Treatment and Detoxification to Overcome Physical Dependency

Serenity House Detox & Recovery specialists work with you to assess the breadth of your symptoms. For example, they’ll help you gauge how serious your disconnect is from reality. This aspect of the condition can also contribute to anxiety. It can also lead to tremendous frustration and anger.

Hallucinations might scare you. It depresses you that you hear things that aren’t real. You don’t trust yourself around others. A high-quality schizophrenia treatment program must factor in your self-isolation.

Because you might be abusing one or more substances, Serenity House Detox & Recovery addiction specialists emphasize the need for concurrent therapy. Treatments include:

  • Medical monitoring during the withdrawal process for the protection of your health and wellness
  • Physician intervention in cases of dehydration, pain, and other withdrawal symptoms
  • Schizophrenia disorder treatment involving antipsychotic medications
  • Dialectical behavior therapy that empowers you to gain control over strong emotions
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy as a method for identifying faulty connections between thoughts and actions

Family Involvement Offers Significant Benefits to Program Participants

Typically, family therapy is something that happens after leaving the detox and schizophrenia treatment center Florida can trust. When you go on to rehab, dual diagnosis treatment incorporates heavy family involvement. However, our therapists have found that it must begin at the detox level. Far too few families understand the mechanics of schizophrenia.

When a loved one enrolls in detox and schizophrenia disorder treatment, the family must be on board. There are typically tremendous stressors in the home life that require care. By eliminating some of them, you succeed in reducing the relapse potential. Examples might include relationship counseling, cognitive behavioral family therapy, and similar modalities.

Continuing Treatment after Detoxification

Of course, detox is only the beginning of your recovery. Serenity House Detox & Recovery is the detoxification and dual diagnosis treatment center Jupiter Florida can trust. Therefore, we’ll help you find a rehab facility after program graduation. There, you work with therapists more in-depth on the modalities that you started here.

It’s essential to continue a customized schizophrenia treatment program that meets your needs. It must focus on the likely stressors and triggers you’ll encounter. Similarly, it has to include the family as well as those closest to you in your social circle. At rehab, you might choose a 30, 60, or 90-day stay.

Find out more about schizophrenia disorder treatment at our detox center. Similarly, learn why a schizophrenia treatment program is crucial for detox success and long-term recovery. Serenity House Detox & Recovery intake advisors gladly answer all of your questions. When you’re ready to begin, call 866.294.5306 today.