Two people on sofa, young man needing behavioral health servicesThe right addiction detox facility helps you with more than just getting rid of the substances you put into your body. During the withdrawal process, you start getting behavioral health services you also need. These behavioral services include a wide range of therapies. In therapy, you learn why you began abusing drugs in the first place, as well as how to stop using them in the future.

Behavioral health services help you gain strength against relapse. You learn about your triggers and temptations. You also gain coping skills. These therapies help you know when you need additional support or treatment, so you do not fall back into your addiction.

Who Benefits from Behavioral Health Services during Detox?

Everyone who enters a licensed detox facility needs some form of behavioral health services. Addiction is a behavioral health problem, after all. Many people also have co-occurring mental disorders like depression, anxiety or PTSD with their addiction. Others suffer addiction alone.

Behavioral health services include:

Many people believe that they only need to get the drugs or alcohol out of their system, to stay sober. But this is rarely, if ever, true. People who start abusing substances do so because of behavioral problems in other areas of their life. You need therapy to help find and treat these problems, so you have a real chance of long-term wellness.

Other people realize that they have broader issues of comorbidity. These issues include co-occurring conditions of depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, OCD or other mental illness. Any mental disease lends itself to addiction. Quite often, people abuse drugs or alcohol to self-medicate those mental problems.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Behavioral Health Services in Detox

When you suffer from both mental illness and addiction, this condition receives a dual diagnosis. It does not matter which situation comes first. However, it is vital that you treat both at once. If you leave one condition of a dual diagnosis untreated, it pulls the other into relapse.

Many people do not realize they suffer a co-occurring condition with their addiction. They just knew that drinking or using drugs made them feel better in some way. For example, people with depression often abuse substances to feel more upbeat. In the same way, people with anxiety feel more social or less stressed when drinking or doing drugs.

For others, addiction causes mental illness. The brain experiences chemical and structural changes during substance abuse. Over the long term, mental diseases develop. Through dual diagnosis treatment, these illnesses gain a diagnosis and treatment needed for long-term wellness and stability.

Do I Need Behavioral Therapies in Detox?

Everyone benefits from behavioral therapies in detox. With or without co-occurring conditions, you gain a clear understanding of your addiction. You also learn about relapse prevention.

Detox treatment meets your needs as part of an individualized treatment plan. You undergo therapies according to those needs. You also gain the help of treatment professionals skilled in reducing or relieving specific withdrawal symptoms. Through this combined approach, you leave detox feeling physically, mentally and spiritually ready to grow in sobriety.

If you suffer mental illness, getting a diagnosis early in treatment is essential. In fact, one goal of detox is uncovering such mental disorder and diagnosing it. This enables you to start behavioral therapies you need and find the right rehab for dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual Diagnosis and Holistic Detox in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter

In sunny Florida, Serenity House Detox & Recovery provides individualized dual diagnosis care for people just like you. At the same time, you get the help you need for withdrawal symptoms. These therapies and holistic methods mean you feel as good as possible during detox services. You also feel supported by caring Serenity House Detox & Recovery staff.

You can end your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Even if you started using because you suffered from a mental illness, the right help brings you into healthy recovery. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery now at 866-294-5306 for the addiction and behavioral health services you need.