How do treatment specialists at the detox facility know what types of modalities would work well? Easy! An intake counselor initially meets with you to do a substance abuse assessment. This necessary step ensures that you undergo a customized experience.

In-Depth Substance Abuse Assessment

When you’re ready to kick a drug habit to the curb, you don’t envision yourself sitting in an office. However, this is precisely how good-quality detoxification must begin. The goal is to learn about you, your overall health, and your substance abuse history. Doing so gives therapists a good idea of the comprehensive support package you need.

An In-depth substance abuse assessment can help this woman during the intake process.Typical questions you may answer during a substance abuse assessment deal with the drug or drugs, you’re using. Knowing the average dosage helps your therapist gauge the likely severity of the chemical dependence. This understanding enables the specialist to anticipate withdrawal symptoms. Because medical assistance provides a pain-free experience, she or he can now plan for the right combination of treatments.

An intake specialist also wants to know about your motivation for seeking help. This line of questioning assists with the treatment for relapse prevention. Moreover, it can make it easier for treatment specialists to help you put together a support network. Conversely, if you lack a group of people who support you, therapists can provide referrals and recommendations for aftercare.

Another facet of the discussions involves your mental health. A large number of individuals struggling with drug addiction are also dealing with depression or anxiety. These conditions may not always receive a diagnosis before entering the detox center. In fact, some program participants receive their first mental health diagnosis at a detox facility.

Honestly Answering Health-Related Questions is Key to Recovery

It’s tempting to gloss over some of the problems you’ve encountered. Maybe you feel some embarrassment that you allowed things to get so bad. In some cases, you may not want to talk about previous attempts at sobering up. Even so, complete honesty during your substance abuse assessment is crucial.

Once the addiction specialist completes the fact-finding, you receive a treatment plan that emphasizes your strengths. Possible modalities include:

  • Detox protocol that provides for pharmacological support for maximum effectiveness
  • Individual therapy such as cognitive behavioral treatment to undo destructive patterns
  • Group therapy sessions, which benefit individuals with self-isolation problems
  • Family therapy to strengthen your support network for relapse prevention after discharge
  • Therapy for potentially co-occurring disorders such as mental health disorders

Why You Should Sign up for Detox Today

Is the idea of undergoing a substance abuse assessment off-putting? Do you feel as though you don’t need a formal therapy setup but can handle detox on your own? You’re not alone in your concerns. But did you also know that withdrawal symptoms associated with some drugs or alcohol can be life-threatening?

Having the assistance of professionals who know how to help you through withdrawal is vital. It sets you up for success and prevents the danger of relapse as soon as the discomfort is too significant. Another reason for seeking out professional help is that addiction is a medical condition. Physicians recognize it as a chronic disease.

While this understanding may be counter-intuitive to everything you’ve heard about addiction, it’s a significant focus of recovery. When you realize that the condition is an illness rather than a moral weakness, you’ll see how treatment can help. Taking this step puts you on the road to recovery.

When you’re ready to quit using and want to overcome your addiction, contact the addiction specialists at Serenity House Detox & Recovery. You start with a substance abuse assessment that helps customize your care. Why continue living with a habit that’s slowly killing you? Call 866-294-5306 today.