Serenity House Detox & Recovery operates an MDMA and MDA detox center. What are these drugs? Why do you need detox? Most importantly, what are the withdrawal symptoms like?

Understanding the Difference Between MDMA and MDA

mdma detox center florida mdma detox programAs the MDA and MDMA detox center Florida can count on, we frequently deal with family members. They face a loved one’s chemical dependency. For them, it’s difficult to keep up with the names of designer drugs. Cases in point are MDA and MDMA.

MDA refers to 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine. Within our MDA and MDMA detox program, people call it Sally or sass. It’s a stimulant and hallucinogenic.

In contrast, 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is MDMA. On the street, people call it Molly or ecstasy. It’s a party drug you often find at raves. MDMA and MDA detox center therapists see a lot of this drug but less of the sass.

Commonalities of the Drugs

MDA and MDMA addiction treatment Florida relies on thrives on client education. The Serenity House Detox & Recovery MDMA and MDA detox center is no exception. Both drugs share some commonalities. They’re both stimulants that boost the heart rate, body temperature, and dopamine production.

Both are psychedelics. This means that they can cause visual or auditory hallucinations. They’re stronger with MDA. However, MDMA offers a sense of empathy and positive emotions.

Why Enrolling at an MDMA Detox Center is Essential

There’s the misconception that psychedelics are harmless fun. They aren’t. At the MDMA detox center Florida can count on, therapists have heard of many adverse reactions to the drugs. There’s the chance of suffering seizures, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, dehydration, and organ shutdown.

Some MDMA detox program participants also report panic attacks and psychosis. Depending on how long you’ve been abusing the drug, brain structures may change. This results in changes to neurotransmitter release. Similarly, it can result in cognitive changes among young users.

Get in front of these risk factors by participating in an MDA and MDMA detox program. Treatments include:

Without detox, you’ll have a difficult time overcoming the physical cravings that the drugs create. Furthermore, you’ll keep using it because you don’t know how to develop social skills that let you say no. At the MDA and MDMA detox center Florida locals can count on, you begin the recovery process. It readies you for rehab.

Why Going to Rehab Before an MDMA Detox Might Not Be a Good Idea

It’s tempting to bypass the MDMA or MDA detox center and go straight to rehab. However, many people are unable to stay clean for a full week. Even if they might not experience intense withdrawal symptoms, the cravings can seem impossible. With the drug use on your mind, it’s difficult to focus on rehab.

Therefore, enrolling in the MDA or MDMA detox program helps you overcome this physical craving. You’ll have a chance to work through the desire to use again and again. Similarly, you get the opportunity to spend one week away from home. It might be precisely what you need to put distance between you and a negative peer group.

Finally, call the Serenity House Detox & Recovery facility to learn more about the MDA and MDMA detox program options. Call the MDMA and MDA detox center at 866.294.5306 today.