The anti-anxiety drug chlordiazepoxide sells under the brand name Librium. It’s a benzodiazepine that physicians also use to help people deal with severe alcohol withdrawal. However, as is the case with all benzos, it has inherent addiction risks. Serenity House Detox & Recovery operates a Librium detox center that routinely welcomes good people whom the drug hooked.

Who Needs to Enroll at a Librium Detox Center?

woman smiling during group therapy at a librium detox center floridaAlthough this benzo’s only for short-term use, many people take it for a long time. They find that it initially helps them. Some build up a tolerance. Therefore, they boost the dose.

Others like the initial high and subsequent relaxation they get from it. A Librium detox program helps you when you realize that you can’t just quit the drug without side effects. For some individuals, it becomes a necessity even while they’re still taking this benzo. Unless they increase the dose regularly, withdrawal symptoms begin.

Subsequent Librium addiction treatment at a rehab facility requires complete abstinence from the drug. Getting there might seem challenging. Withdrawal symptoms we typically see at our Librium detox center include depression, anxiety, muscle cramps, tremors, and occasionally seizures. Agitation usually results from an imbalance of the GABA neurotransmitter on which the drug acts.

How Detox Works

There’s a variety of care approaches depending on your needs. Of course, someone with a severe condition needs a different type of Librium addiction treatment than someone with moderate addiction. Modalities might include:

  • Medication assisted treatment with a low-dose benzodiazepine to wean you off the medication
  • Behavioral therapy that focuses your attention on dealing with stress in healthy ways
  • Meditation for mind and body relaxation
  • Men or women’s detox process groups that give you a forum for discussing your emotions, concerns, and frustrations
  • Individual therapy that lets you plan for rehab past a stay at our Librium detox center

Throughout your stay, you undergo medical monitoring to prevent the occurrence of emergencies. Similarly, you learn how to leverage the Librium detox program for long-term recovery. Almost all program participants decide to go on to rehab after a stay at the Librium detox Florida trusts. If you find that you struggle with a psychological addiction, it’s an excellent next step.

Why Is the Detox Program Residential?

Serenity House Detox & Recovery therapists recognize that some clients initially hesitate to move to the facility. Many would prefer to stay in their homes. However, a Librium detox program can lead to sudden withdrawal symptoms. Dealing with them on your own isn’t safe.

In contrast, medical professionals at the Librium detox center monitor you the entire time. If there’s a problem, they can step in right away. Therefore, a residential treatment option is the safest way of withdrawing from the drug. Most importantly, the Librium detox Florida can count on only takes about a week.

This is a short investment of time to end a physiological dependency. Most importantly, it prepares you for entry into a Librium addiction treatment facility. At that level, it might be possible to take advantage of a different treatment delivery system. This is something you would discuss with an intake specialist at the facility.

If you need help finding the right center after detox, Serenity House Detox & Recovery specialists want to assist. We operate the Librium, OxyContin, and Carfentanil detox center Florida can trust. We do so by focusing on your therapy objectives. When you realize that you need to move on to rehab, we ensure that you can do so.

Learn more about the Librium detox Florida talks about. Therapists at our Librium detox center are standing by to answer your questions. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery at 866.294.5306 today.