Amphetamines are stimulant drugs. They find medical uses for patients with narcolepsy or ADHD. When you abuse them, they can result in sleeplessness, weight loss, and artificial energy boosts. When you’re ready to quit this dangerous habit, our inpatient amphetamine detox center can help.

Why Amphetamine Abuse is Dangerous

group therapy in an amphetamine detox centerSerenity House Detox & Recovery therapists frequently work with clients who had a health scare. At the inpatient amphetamine detox center, you might meet people with cardiovascular problems, severe mood swings, and muscle pain. Furthermore, some even survived an overdose, which might have resulted in kidney or lung problems. Participating in an amphetamine detox program gets these clients ready for subsequent rehab.

Why Checking into an Inpatient Amphetamine Detox Center is a Good Idea

Your brain adapts to the presence of the drug. Therefore, it regulates its dopamine release accordingly. Beginning an amphetamine detox program helps you regain equilibrium. Because it doesn’t happen immediately, you require assistance during the somewhat unpleasant period.

At the amphetamine detox Florida residents can count on, you first undergo addiction education. Therapists explain to you what to expect. Therefore, you won’t fear any withdrawal symptoms. Most importantly, you learn how therapists can help you deal with the various aspects of withdrawal.

Case in point is the fatigue you’ll struggle with. Amphetamine addiction treatment at the detox level counteracts it with nutritional intervention. You learn about healthy ways of boosting your energy levels through food choices. Other modalities include:

  • Medication assisted treatment for gastrointestinal upset, headaches, and depression
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for a deepening depression that continues past the first few days
  • Meditation with breathing exercises, which focuses on normalizing your breathing and helping muscles relax
  • Group therapy that lets you talk through your cravings, mood swings, and similar feelings
  • Gender-specific treatment that enables you to work through a variety of worries and health challenges

During your time at the amphetamine detox center, you also plan for your subsequent recovery. Amphetamine addiction treatment at a rehab facility is an excellent option. It lets you continue the care you receive, and you can also break the psychological dependency.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the Detox Level

Because amphetamine abuse is primarily a behavioral issue, it makes sense to begin cognitive behavioral therapy early. Although it’s a staple at a good-quality amphetamine addiction treatment program, Serenity House Detox & Recovery clients can start sooner. Doing so empowers you to take charge of your recovery. This evidence-based modality focuses on the sometimes dysfunctional connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions.

At the amphetamine detox Florida trusts, you learn what this means. You examine areas where you suspect problems to occur. Similarly, you focus on replacing these dysfunctions. Healthy coping skills are good options.

After you leave the amphetamine detox center, you continue with this treatment at rehab. If you choose not to enter a rehab facility right away, consider finding a therapist that will extend the program. Cognitive behavioral therapy also works as part of family counseling if there are issues of codependency or enablement.

Don’t Wait to Get the Amphetamine Detox You Need

It’s never too late to participate in the amphetamine withdrawal treatment Florida can count on. Nobody’s beyond the ability to benefit from an inpatient amphetamine detox program. No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been using, there’s hope for recovery. However, you have to seek help.

Finally, don’t let the failed attempts at cold turkey detox discourage you. At the inpatient amphetamine detox center Florida locals talk about, you work with therapists who know how to help. Most importantly, you receive the medical care that might make all the difference. When you’re ready, contact the Serenity House amphetamine detox center today by dialing 866.294.5306 now.