Opiates are narcotic painkillers that doctors use to treat moderate to severe pain. As natural derivatives of opium, morphine, and codeine are the most common ones that have medical uses. Since these medications are addictive, the millions of prescriptions that doctors write contribute to the opiate epidemic. Those who develop a problem can get opiate rehab Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale to recover.

What Is Opiate Rehab?

man in group therapy at opiate rehab center west palm beachThousands of treatment centers in the United States help people overcome addictions of all kinds. However, people with opiate addiction need to ensure that the facility they choose can treat their condition. By choosing one with an opiate rehab program, they can recover safely.

For instance, treating alcohol, cocaine and opiate addictions requires different approaches. These drugs have a similar effect by stimulating the brain to produce extra dopamine. However, their chemical compounds promote this change in different ways. For this reason, people need an opiate rehab center Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale.

Also, the purpose of opiate recovery is to stop opiate use and teach people how to manage addiction. Only an opiate rehab center Ft Lauderdale or Jupiter has the resources to achieve those goals. In fact, it can provide dual diagnosis treatment for underlying mental illnesses. These disorders may have contributed to or developed because of addiction.

What to Expect in the Opiate Rehab Jupiter and Ft. Lauderdale Offer

Some people avoid enrolling in a South Florida residential treatment center. One reason may be that they don’t know what to expect. While everyone has a different experience because of their specific needs, an opiate rehab program follows the same general steps.

The first phase is an assessment at the opiate rehab center Ft Lauderdale or Jupiter. This step determines the severity of the addiction and the level of care that people need.

Next, an opiate rehab in Ft. Lauderdale will begin the detox process. In fact, this phase is the first step toward overcoming opiate addiction. During medical detox, people stop taking opiates and receive medical attention based on the withdrawal symptoms that occur. In most cases, though, the staff members can prevent severe symptoms.

Since opiate withdrawal causes many unpleasant effects, an opiate rehab center in Ft. Lauderdale will administer medications. In fact, the symptoms can start as soon as three to four hours after taking the last dose of opiates. People experience anxiety and cravings at this point. For the next week, they may have flu-like symptoms, body tremors, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

However, there’s more to an opiate rehab program than just taking medications for withdrawal symptoms. Proper nutrition and exercise can boost mood, increase energy and build a foundation for healthy habits.

An opiate rehab center Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale will also provide traditional therapy. For example, addiction education is essential because people need to understand their condition in order to overcome it. Furthermore, peer support removes the feeling of isolation and gives them hope that living sober is possible.

Which Medications Does Treatment Include?

Opiate rehab Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale can use a few medications to treat opiate addiction. Clonidine can address high blood pressure and anxiety. An opiate rehab center Ft. Lauderdale offers can also administer methadone to reduce cravings. Also, buprenorphine mimics some of the effects of opiates to reduce cravings and other symptoms.

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