Benzodiazepines (benzos) are highly addictive sedative drugs. Some of the most common examples are Ativan and Xanax. However, doctors use a variety of benzo brands to treat anxiety, insomnia, and even seizures. Since they’re addictive, though, some people end up needing benzo rehab Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale.

What Is Benzo Rehab in Jupiter?

group therapy at a benzo rehab center west palm beachBenzo rehab refers to treatment that addresses addiction to this category of drugs. Some people develop an addiction after taking them with a prescription. On the other hand, others use the drugs recreationally for the relaxing effects that they produce. In any case, continued use can lead to an addiction that requires treatment through a benzo rehab program.

A benzo rehab center Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale can offer different levels of care. However, it’s vital for people to seek inpatient treatment first. This level of care provides 24-hour medical attention and emotional support. Also, it gives people a drug-free environment to live in while they adjust to not taking benzos.

The duration of treatment at a benzo rehab center Ft Lauderdale or Jupiter depends on each person’s needs. While some people only need 60 days to recover, others need longer. In general, the treatment can last for 30 to 90 days. However, people who need longer can get continued care at a benzo rehab center.

What Happens in Benzo Rehab Jupiter and Ft. Lauderdale?

Getting rid of the drug toxins in the body is the first step of benzo addiction treatment. However, people can’t simply quit using these drugs in order to complete this phase. The reason is that they’ll develop uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that could cause complications. Fortunately, they can get benzo withdrawal help in South Florida.

The safest way for a treatment center to help people quit using benzos is to taper down their doses. Sometimes, a benzo rehab center Ft Lauderdale or Jupiter spends a couple of weeks completing this process. The amount of time that it takes varies depending on each person’s current dose.

In some cases, a benzo rehab center Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale switches to less potent or long-acting benzos. Klonopin and Valium are two common ones. When people have an addiction to these benzos, the facility will use medications that directly target the symptoms. Buspar can relieve emotional side effects, and Romazicon attaches to the same pleasure centers to relieve symptoms.

Benzo Withdrawal in Stages

It’s important for people to understand the withdrawal process of a benzo rehab program before they enroll. In general, there are three stages.

During early withdrawal, benzo rehab Jupiter or Ft. Lauderdale involves treating anxiety and insomnia. These are the most common initial symptoms because they’re the top reasons why people start taking a prescription. Quitting causes these symptoms to rebound.

Next, the benzo rehab center Ft Lauderdale or Jupiter will address acute withdrawal. Some common symptoms that develop include flu-like effects, blurred vision, decreased appetite, hallucinations, mood swings, and seizures. It’s also possible for people to have short-term memory issues and trouble concentrating.

Not everyone experiences protracted withdrawal during your time in a benzo rehab. However, those who do have ongoing anxiety, insomnia, cognitive impairments, mood swings, and depression. Sometimes, these side effects last for several months to years. They can only learn to cope through professional treatment.

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