Ambien AddictionWhat do I need to know about Ambien addiction? Ambien is a commonly prescribed sedative that can help people fall asleep. For some of us, it’s hard to imagine why a drug like this would be needed. After a long day’s work, climbing into bed feels great! But what if, after that same long day, you climbed into bed and your thoughts and mind would not stop racing? What if that one night was followed by another and another and another night, until you hadn’t slept well in weeks or months? Doctors usually prescribe sleeping pills like Ambien for short periods of time to help people get to sleep and start healthy sleep and waking cycles. But the problem is that even under normal terms of use, some people can become dependent on Ambien. And the scary part is, even if you don’t have an Ambien addiction, it can still cause problematic side effects, especially when used recreationally. Learn here about why you should make the decision to get treatment if you are addicted to Ambien or other drugs.

Ambien Addiction Can Be Deadly

How dangerous is an Ambien addiction? In short, very. Ambien used in a medical context can be very unpredictable. For some people it simply helps them sleep and they wake up feeling refreshed and healthy. Other people have reported – even under normal, medical conditions – that Ambien was responsible for terrifying things. From hallucinations and delusions to sleepwalking, loss of motor skills, bizarre thoughts and erratic behaviors, Ambien has a range of terrifying side effects. Some people have been reported sleep driving, and one US senator crashed his car, having no memory of the night the following day. Luckily, the senator was okay, but it could have just as easily turned out tragic. For people experimenting with this drug recreationally, there is even more to worry about.

How Ambien Addiction Happens

As one builds a tolerance for these powerful sleeping pills, it becomes natural to take more to get the same effects. When that happens, dangerous overdoses can occur. And when a person is drinking or using other drugs, drug interactions can cause critical health problems and even death. Ambien detox in Florida may be necessary for a healthy recovery. Learn more about the effects of Ambien here.

Hope for Ambien Addicts

If you are dependent on Ambien, especially if it has become the only way you can fall asleep, it’s time to reconsider your relationship with this powerful drug. Sleeping pill addiction harms families across the United States every day. Not only is Ambien hard on your internal organs, it also can cause dangerous behaviors that could land you in the hospital – or worse. Do not hesitate to seek our help if you are in need of Ambien detox in Florida.

Ambien Detox in Sunny Florida

The best treatment for prescription drug addiction is a qualified detox facility. Serenity House Detox & Recovery has become a respected leader in Ambien drug rehab. With a sunny detox facility near the beach, Serenity House offers patients a soothing, relaxing location to break the cycle of addiction. As a prescription drug detox specialist, Serenity House offers the best treatment for your condition. Click here to learn more about the services offered at Serenity House Detox & Recovery and you will why Serenity House is right for you if you are looking for Ambien detox in Florida.

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