What is alcohol detox and can it help me get sober? When going through recovery, the first step, and possibly the most important step, is detoxification, or detox. If you have been drinking heavily for many years, your body has probably changed quite a bit. Not only does alcohol abuse affect your health, it also can change some aspects of your brain. When coming off alcohol, your body has to revert back to not being dependent on alcohol. For some people, detox can be an intense, and even painful event. However, with alcohol detox specialists monitoring your condition, you can rest assured knowing you are being cared for and that your recovery is getting off on the right foot. Click here to learn a little bit about the history of alcohol abuse. 

What to Expect From Alcohol Detox

How will alcohol detox make me feel? One important thing to know about alcohol detox is that it is different for everyone. People who have been alcoholics for many years might have a different experience than someone who has been struggling for less time. Also, the amount of alcohol you drank and how often you drank also affect how your body will react without having alcohol in your system. But many people experience similar symptoms during alcohol detox. These symptoms include: irritability, shakiness, anxiety, depression, and irrational thinking. Your body may feel clammy, you might have trouble sleeping, and in severe cases, you may actually hallucinate. Learn more about alcohol withdrawal symptoms here.

Changing Your Brain With Medical Detox

If you want to get sober, alcohol detox is the first step in the process. Alcohol detox can help you take your recovery seriously by resetting your body and mind. When you make serious physical change, your body will tell you it’s time to make a serious mental change. And once you are making serious mental changes, you will be ready to adopt the mindset of sobriety and recovery, instead of the mindset of addiction and depression. Because stopping alcohol can initiate severe withdrawal symptoms, we encourage medical detox . Alcohol detox can be a serious task for some people, but having the right team to help you along the way gives you the best chance for a successful recovery.

A Florida Alcohol Detox Is a Great Start to Recovery

You want to recover. You want to get away from the scenes of your addiction to alcohol. A Florida alcohol detox center like Serenity House Detox can help you not only detox from alcohol addiction, but also to live in a pleasant residential facility where the weather is temperate all year and the gentle breezes will help you relax and get down to the business of detox and recovery.

Serenity House Detox has two Florida alcohol detox facilities in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.  The residential detox centers at both locations have experienced medical staff you can trust to provide the care you need during the detox process. You will be able to overcome your physical addiction to alcohol in a safe, pleasant and monitored environment.

South Florida Detox Specialists Offering Affordable Care

Are you ready to take the first step towards alcoholism recovery? Serenity House Detox specializes in providing alcohol detox services that are personalized to you. Having a beautiful facility in a peaceful location doesn’t hurt, either. Take your recovery seriously. Make the right first step by choosing Serenity House Detox. Read more about us and our mission here, and learn why Serenity House is the right place for your alcohol detox.

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