Prescription Drugs: The Most Lethal Drugs Come From Your Doctor

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How can I find treatment for my growing addiction to prescription drugs? Why is prescription drug abuse such a big problem? There are a few different reasons that people become addicted to prescription drugs. The first kind of addict begins use by following the prescription and slowly gaining tolerance until either an overdose occurs or a steady addiction. The second type are those (commonly children or teens) who find prescription drugs somewhere around the house and take them either accidentally or recreationally. The effect of these drugs can be shocking, and for children who don’t know any better, a deadly overdose can come quick. Find out how to make wise choices about your prescription drug use in order to avoid addiction.

Addiction Can Be Hard to Diagnose With Prescriptions

How do I know if I’m really addicted to prescription drugs or not? There are so many kinds of prescription drugs, but many of them will have similar signs for those getting addicted to them. Here’s a few common warning signs: Bad Memory, Slurred Speech, Dilated Pupils, Lack of Coordination, Depression, Headaches. If you or a loved one is exhibiting a few of these signs, find out if prescription drugs are involved. Many teens who get addicted to meds start out by having a prescription. That’s why it may be hard to identify yourself as a drug addict: because many people think of drug addicts as people who buy heroin or cocaine in back alleys. But that’s not true! Don’t be fooled by stereotypes: learn everything you can about prescription drug addiction.

From Pills that Help to Pills that Hurt

What can I do to keep myself safe from the threat of prescription pill addiction? If your prescription calls for “as needed,” as your doctor to clarify exactly how many pills that means. Because overdose can be right around the corner if you aren’t careful. Prescription drugs can be a very good thing if you’re used in moderation. Find out about the best detox program to treat prescription drug addiction.

Florida Detox: Leaving the Pills Behind

What’s the best detox center for me in Florida? Serenity House Detox is a comprehensive detox treatment center that’s always in the sun and always ready to help you find freedom from addiction. Take one look at our beautiful detox facility close to Fort Lauderdale, not far from Miami, and we’ll sure we’ll be seeing you.

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