Why A Medical Detox Program? We Can Help You Beat Your Addiction

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Medical detox centers have been saving the lives of people suffering from addiction for many years. If you’ve been struggling with a dependence to drugs or alcohol, you need to know that you should never try to detox on your own.

Struggling with an addiction to any substance can make you feel lost and confused, but trying to overcome the situation by yourself can lead to potentially fatal consequences. Medical detox centers like Serenity House Detox in Florida can help you create a foundation for your recovery from active addiction, and it’s the best way for you to begin your new life.

What can I do if I or my loved one is struggling with methadone addiction? Some people are shocked to hear that methadone addiction exists. After all, isn’t methadone the drug that’s designed to help you stop using other drugs? The answer to that is yes, it is. But almost anything can be exploited for addictive possibilities. Think about gambling, sex, or other addictions that don’t fit the profile of drug addiction. Methadone detox following addiction can be highly dangerous—or even deadly—for you or your loved one. But it’s not all bad news. Even methadone addiction is something that can be overcome. And, like other forms of addiction, the path to recovery begins with methadone treatment. Methadone detox treatment is essential to a successful recovery.

Cold Turkey Can Lead to Relapse

Medical detox centers help you to completely detoxify in a safe and controlled environment. Many people who suffer from addiction have experienced the symptoms of withdrawal at one point or another, so you most likely know how painful and uncomfortable that symptoms can be. Sometimes the symptoms of withdrawal can be too much for some individuals to handle, which causes them to return to their substance of choice just so they can feel well again.

When you think about it, your addiction to drugs or alcohol has not only been fueled by an intense physical craving and mental obsession, but also by the need to simply feel well. Many people with a chemical dependence promise themselves that they aren’t going to drink or use that day, but once the symptoms of withdrawal begin to occur, they find that drinking or using again is the easier way to get through the day. Medical detox centers like Serenity House Detox provide you with a safe place where you can detox and not have to worry about continuing the cycle of drinking or using.

How Medical Detox Can Treat Methadone Abuse

There are many different medical detox centers, but you need to go to one that you can trust. Serenity House Detox is JCAHO-accredited, which means that you can have peace of mind that the facility is up to the standards it takes to keep patients safe.

The symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous because your organs and nervous system go into a state of shock, and the neurotransmitters in your brain can begin to misfire. These symptoms cause discomfort, but they can also lead to seizures and heart failure. At Serenity House Detox, the medical staff understands what your body is going through during withdrawal, and you’ll be in good hands to ensure you’re as safe as possible.

Preparing You for a New Life

From the time you enter Serenity House Detox, you’ll be making a huge step in the right direction toward getting your life back on track. You’ll first go through an evaluation so the staff can understand the best way to help you through the detox process. Whether you were addicted to alcohol, heroin, prescription opiates, benzodiazepines, meth or cocaine, there is a detox process that can help you get through the symptoms of withdrawal in a comfortable setting.

Serenity House Detox uses the latest in addiction medicine to help patients have minimal symptoms of withdrawal. While you’re at the detox facility, you’ll be given medications that are designed to trick the brain and body into believing that you’re still using in order to reduce intense cravings. Here, you’ll begin to feel well and create a foundation for your recovery. As you begin to feel better, you’ll be able to be in a good place to transition to an addiction treatment facility where you’ll learn how to overcome your addiction for good. Call Serenity House Detox today at 866-294-5306 for more information about safe and professional medical detox.

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