Alcohol is a legal drug that’s readily available to anyone age 21 and older. Despite that, underage teens and young adults drink too, especially college students. When they binge or drink heavily on a regular basis, they can develop an addiction, a disease that requires comprehensive treatment. Detox for alcohol addiction is the first step in that process, and it’s available for people of all ages.

About Detox for Alcohol Addiction

Young woman hopefully looking out window while in detox for alcohol addiction.Detox doesn’t provide all of the treatment necessary to get an addiction under control. It helps people through the withdrawal process so that they can safely stop drinking. A medical team manages and treats symptoms of alcohol withdrawal as the body removes all of the alcohol toxins. This support also helps people avoid relapse in the early stages of detox treatment.

When people in detox for alcohol addiction become physically stable, the medical team introduces them to addiction counseling. This step mentally prepares them for the hard work ahead in addressing the cause of their addiction. Some people even learn about some of their triggers, giving them a headstart on learning how to stay sober. The detox center can help them find a place for further therapy and addiction treatment, too.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

During detox for alcohol addiction, the withdrawal symptoms that arise can range from mild to severe. The level of discomfort depends on the person and the severity of the addiction. However, withdrawal generally lasts for a week and follows a typical timeline.

Heavy drinkers can start to feel tremors within six hours after their last drink. Then they usually experience a fast heart rate, nausea, and sweating. Sometimes they have high blood pressure, insomnia, and vomiting too. The symptoms peak for the next 36 hours and may include hallucinations, panic attacks, night terrors, and seizures.

During the next three days, most people still have mood swings and feel nervous and shaky. This period also has the highest risk for delirium tremens, a severe symptom that can be fatal without treatment. It can cause confusion, delirium, agitation and trembling. It even triggers convulsions in some people.

The symptoms ease up by the seventh day. However, some people can have long-lasting side effects for months. Some of these include anxiety, mood swings, trouble sleeping and unstable energy levels. These effects may even come in waves.

Medicines for Alcohol Detox

Medical detox for alcohol addiction often involves medicines to ease the above symptoms. The doctors and nurses determine which medicines work the best for certain side effects. In general, however, they may administer benzodiazepines to control anxiety or other mental symptoms. They also offer antiseizure medicine and other drugs to reduce cravings.

Alcohol Detox Program Types

There are two main types of detox programs. Outpatient treatment allows people to stay at home and visit a detox center for medicines to relieve symptoms. However, the freedom that an outpatient program offers leaves them vulnerable to relapse.

In most cases, detox for alcohol addiction requires 24-hour health monitoring and support. Inpatient and residential programs provide that. While inpatient treatment has a clinical environment, residential treatment has a more relaxing atmosphere. Statistics indicate that these options offer the best rate of success.

Get Help With Your Alcohol Problem at Serenity House Detox

Safe and comfortable alcohol detox is available for you at Serenity House Detox. We can help you create the best detox treatment plan for your needs by combining our services, including:

In addition to alcohol, Serenity House Detox offers programs for many other addictions. These include heroin, cocaine, meth and prescription painkillers. When you’re stable after withdrawal, we introduce you to individual and group therapy to help you prepare for rehab. Our goal is to make sure that you have all of the tools that you need to enter sober recovery.

Don’t risk your life by waiting to get alcohol addiction treatment. Start the process now with proper detox. Call Serenity House Detox at 866-294-5306 to learn more.