What can I do to treat my cocaine addiction? Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States. One study found that 35.9 million Americans have abused cocaine at least once in their life. That’s more than 10% of the population! Marijuana is the only drug abused more than cocaine in the United States. And yet cocaine addiction can take a serious toll on the mind and body. Cocaine messes with the reward and pleasure center in the brain. For many people, the first hit of cocaine will be the best they ever have. The lucky ones leave it at that. But some spend years of their life and huge amounts of money trying to get as good of a high. Sadly, they never will, because the more cocaine you take, the more your brain gets used to it and compensates. But there is hope for cocaine addiction. Click here to read how cocaine detox is a decision for your future.

Cocaine Addiction: Enough is Never Enough

Is cocaine addiction bad for my body? Cocaine is a very powerful drug that produces an intense high. The problem is it also does a number on your mind and body in the process. Cocaine raises the heart rate and blood pressure in users. It also hardens arteries and puts you at a greater risk for a heart attack or stroke. If all of that wasn’t enough, cocaine can also cause a terrifying condition known as “cocaine psychosis” in which a person basically loses their mind. While experiencing cocaine psychosis, a person can see hallucinations, have delusions, be thinking abnormally and irrationally, and can even become catatonic. That doesn’t sound like the good time that some people imagine comes with taking cocaine. Read more interesting cocaine addiction facts here.

A Respected, Affordable, Florida Cocaine Detox Center

What’s the best place for me to get cocaine detox treatment? Cocaine has damaging effects on the mind and body, but it’s never too late to quit. Serenity House Detox has an experienced cocaine detox staff that can help you get clean and stay clean. Don’t worry about being locked in some dreary medical facility. Serenity House has beautiful facilities in a stunning location. Read more about cocaine detox with Serenity House and contact us today!

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