A center for addiction treatment might take this person off the street and into detox.Use, abuse and addiction are not the same thing. For some people, it is hard to determine whether drug and alcohol use has become abuse or even addiction. Knowing that you need a center for addiction treatment may not always be obvious. Take a look at some of the signs that you need help, and then learn what to look for in an addiction treatment center.

Can You Quit or Cut Back Without Problems?

One way to tell if you’re struggling with an addiction is by seeing if you can comfortably quit or cut back. For many people, doing so will result in problems. That’s because over time, the body becomes dependent on the drugs or alcohol you’re regularly consuming. Taking those substances away can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

You probably need addiction treatment if you try to quit, but can’t resist temptation. If you plan to take a night off from drinking, but end up having several drinks alone at home, then you might struggle with addiction. Similarly, you may need treatment if you plan to have just one drink but end up having several.

If you are able to cut back or skip a day of substance use, you might notice some unpleasant symptoms. These can include anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, gastrointestinal distress and a general feeling of unhappiness. Although these symptoms may not be severe, they are caused by withdrawal.

Are You Letting Substance Abuse Distract From Life?

You may need to attend a center for addiction treatment if drug or alcohol abuse is causing you to neglect life’s responsibilities. Addiction is a disease, and it can change how you prioritize the many things in your life.

Substance abuse could mean you are forgetting or ignoring important obligations. Commonly, this means not attending work, being late or being fired altogether. It could also mean prioritizing substance abuse over other expenses and struggling with financial woes as a result.

Addiction can come before friends and family. It may lead you to withdraw from social settings, or you might miss important events because of your use. If addiction makes life’s joys and responsibilities fall to the wayside, then you need to seek out professional support in a center for addiction treatment.

Is Substance Abuse Leading to Health or Legal Problems?

Finally, consider whether substance abuse is causing problems in your life. Ultimately, this is the best way to determine whether substance abuse has become an addiction. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you might struggle with medical, legal, criminal or financial concerns.

If you have problems with your health but you continue using addictive substances, then you likely struggle with dependency issues. The same can be said if you continue using drugs or alcohol even if it has caused you to break the law or act inappropriately.

Find a Center For Addiction Treatment That Starts With Detox

When it comes to looking for addiction help, there are plenty of options. To start, look for a center for addiction treatment that offers detox. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol will be the first step on the road to recovery.

Trying to complete a detox cold turkey, at home and alone can be a dangerous move. Some of the withdrawal symptoms you experience may be severe and they could put your health at risk if they aren’t monitored.

In a medically supervised detox, you’ll be able to break free from dependence in a safe way. Plus, a center for addiction treatment can offer a range of resources to help increase your comfort during withdrawal.

Treating Addiction at Serenity House Detox

If you’re ready to tackle addiction once and for all, start at Serenity House Detox. Luxury facilities set the scene, and 24/7 medical support ensures safety for all patients. There is also a focus on the underlying causes behind the addiction, which can increase the chance of lifelong sobriety.

Serenity House Detox can target a wide range of addiction types. Just a few of the most common detox programs available include the following:

If you need a center for addiction treatment, Serenity House Detox can help. With two Florida locations in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Serenity House Detox can put you on the path to recovery. Call 866-294-5306 and take back your life and your health today.