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Drug addiction and alcoholism claim the lives of many Wisconsin residents every year. But even the people who don’t pay the ultimate price for substance abuse can have a hard time finding a happy and fulfilling life. Treatment for addiction provides relief from the relentless cycle of addiction, and recovery offers a path to a better future.

The Plague of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription pills cause severe damage across Wisconsin as many families lose loved ones to the iron grip of opiates. Whether prescribed for a legitimate medical condition, or taken recreationally, prescription drugs offer users a sensation of calm and peace. These feelings don’t last forever, though, and eventually the pills are required just to feel normal, let alone high.

In Wisconsin, prescription pill overdoses are more common than any other type of overdose, including heroin. The reasons for getting sober are clear: you don’t want to pay the ultimate price, as 300+ Wisconsin residents have every year recently.

Holding down a steady job and fulfilling family responsibilities is extremely difficult while in active addiction. While many people stuck in the lifestyle of addiction think that more responsibilities will make them less happy, in reality the opposite is true. Tragically, addiction causes these people to miss out on the pleasures of family and community life.

Alcohol Abuse Causes Disease & Death

Alcoholism is another deadly force in Wisconsin. People who abuse alcohol often get less attention than the abusers of other types of drugs, partially because the rate of alcohol consumption remains so steady. But alcohol continues to be one of the most socially costly forces in society. Alcohol was a factor in 5,024 traffic accidents in Wisconsin in 2012, and these crashes resulted in 223 fatalities.

Driving isn’t the only dangerous behavior people participate in while drunk. Other damaging behaviors associated with alcohol include:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Vandalism
  • Violence and assault

The list goes on, because when people drink too much, they lose communication with the part of their brain that filters behavior. Long-term abuse of alcohol can result in severe damage to internal organs, liver disease and neurological problems. However, much of this can be improved or reversed after a person stops drinking.

Medical Detox is the First Step to Recovery

Serenity House Detox is an advanced medical detox facility located in South Florida. We help clients get the dangerous drugs and alcohol out of their systems, but we also help with much more than that. Our clients gain hope, and self-esteem, and are empowered to take back control of their lives. One quick call can verify your health insurance coverage, so call today.

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