If someone told you that it’s possible to turn your life around in seven short days, would you believe it? If it involved treatments for drug abuse targeting your addiction, would you try it? Rather than wondering about it and living with regret that you didn’t jump on the chance, find out more. In fact, learn how easy it is to get started on the road to recovery today!

Cold Turkey Doesn’t Work (but you already know that)

Male doctor explaining the treatments for drug abuse to an attentive woman with a problem.

Have you tried to quit using before? Are you wondering how therapy-led treatments for drug abuse differ from what you can accomplish at home? Although there’s the myth that cold turkey is possible, it’s typically a disappointment. Unfortunately, it leaves you feeling like a failure.

For starters, depending on the substances you use, quitting cold turkey can be dangerous. Secondly, without medical supervision, you’ll potentially suffer quite a bit during withdrawal. It may surprise you, but detox doesn’t have to be as horrific as movie makers like to portray it. In fact, done correctly, it’s a precursor to a rehab experience that puts you on the road to a sober recovery.

Effective Treatments for Drug Abuse Focus on You, the Program Participant

Each treatment program participant comes with a different set of health concerns, substance abuse issues, and underlying addiction problems. As a result, treatments for drug abuse must undergo customization to meet these needs. Far too many programs cater to the hypothetical patient of textbooks and lectures. In contrast, genuinely effective withdrawal treatment goes much further.

Cases in point are specialized men and women’s detox programs. Gender-specific treatments acknowledge that men and women experience drug abuse differently. They also have different physical and psychological needs that prepare them for a good rehab experience. Rather than concentrating on a one-size-fits-all approach, the experts at Serenity House Detox start customizing an addiction treatment program from the ground up.

What to Expect During Detox

Of all the treatments for drug abuse, detox is the one that seems to have an air of mystery. You most likely commit to a detox treatment stay of seven days. What happens during this time? Will it hurt?

Granted, it won’t be all fun and relaxation, but there’ll be a good bit of that included. You start out meeting with a friendly intake counselor who’ll ask you some questions about drug use. Let experts know ahead of time what types of drugs you take and how much a usual dose is. Now is also the time to go over your medical history and voice any concerns you may have.

After introducing you to your therapists, the experts get you ready for participation in the specialized detox programs. Examples include:

  • Alcohol detox experts walk you through the physical manifestations of withdrawal and keep you comfortable.
  • People struggling with a heroin addiction find customized heroin detox treatments for drug abuse helpful as they let go of the substance.
  • Monitored opiate withdrawal decreases the likelihood of relapse after you finish your stay.
  • Medically supervised withdrawal from prescription drugs can counteract the depression you may feel as the chemicals leave your system.
  • Undergo multi-substance detox in a safe setting where professionals monitor your vitals and are ready to intervene if necessary.

Get Started on Customized Treatments for Drug Abuse Today

Now that you know how things work at Serenity House Detox, can you afford not to learn more? In fact, isn’t now a great time to start your seven-day journey to a new life? When you dial 866-294-5306 today, you take advantage of a life-changing opportunity. Make the call.