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Everyone knows that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in America. What many people don’t know, however, is that beneath Hawaii’s beautiful exterior lurks a world of addiction that is frightening. Rehab Hawaii? Maybe not.

Hard drugs like crystal meth, heroin, and prescription drugs have ravaged the Aloha State, harming families and communities. But there’s hope, and rehab Hawaii may not be your best bet. Residents don’t need to live with an awful addiction anymore.

Where There Was Meth, Now There’s Heroin

Young woman thinking rehab Hawaii, Florida may work better.If you lived in Hawaii as recently as 2011, you probably knew about the horrible methamphetamine crisis. Luckily, Hawaii lawmakers took action against the drug and meth use declined. However in recent years, like invasive species, new drugs have taken hold in Hawaii: opiates.

Prescription painkillers have been popular in Hawaii for several years and rehab Hawaii may seem like a good plan. In fact, the presence of prescription painkillers put the state in the position of having the 36th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country, according to the research institute The Trust for America’s Health.

But as prescription drugs become more expensive on the street and harder to find, many addicts turn to heroin to get their opiate fix. The state has set up needle exchange programs to combat transmittable diseases and other problems that come with needle use. In spite of these measures, many Hawaiians remain addicted to opiates.

Weighing In State Vs. Out of State Treatment

For people who are considering getting treatment for addiction, weighing the decision between different centers can be difficult. Not only that, you have to decide if you want to pursue in-state treatment or out-of-state treatment.

For Hawaiians, this decision may be especially difficult. Be sure to choose the treatment facility you think will give you the best chance of permanent recovery.

Finding Hope in a Familiar Climate: Rehab Hawaii or Florida

Think it will be difficult to leave home for treatment? Getting treatment in a climate similar to home may make the process a little easier.

Serenity House Detox is located in Florida, a state that enjoys warm weather and miles of beautiful sandy beaches. Not only is the location beautiful, Serenity House provides excellent detox services that set people up for success.

Whether you choose to pursue full residential rehab after your stay or outpatient rehab closer to home, Serenity House puts you in the right position to make recovery work. Check out the great facilities at a West Palm Beach alcohol detox center and you will see why Florida is the right place to recover.

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