Have You Been Searching Pennsylvania for a Reading Heroin Detox?Rampant drug abuse in the form of prescription painkillers and its cheaper, more readily available alternative, heroin, is having devastating effects on the people of Pennsylvania.  Reading Heroin detox centers may not offer you the options you need. In 2014, there were about 2,700 prescription painkiller deaths in Pennsylvania, a rise of 13% from the year before. It’s only gone up since.

Legislation recently passed in Pennsylvania to combat the abuse of opioid prescription medications, called the Pennsylvania Act 191, Achieving Better Care by Monitoring All Prescriptions. The law mandates a statewide electronic database, which is now collecting information about the prescribing and dispensing of all prescription painkillers. While this law is well-intentioned to stop painkiller abuse, it also drives more people who are addicted to painkillers to seek out a less expensive substitute that can easily be obtained illegally—heroin.

Drug overdose deaths averaged 10 Pennsylvanians every day in 2015, and heroin and opioid painkillers were the causes in most cases. The increase in heroin users and the devastating effects being experienced are putting an increasing demand on Reading heroin detox programs in PA.

Why a Reading Heroin Detox May Not Be Your Best Option

Along with this high demand comes a shortage of available openings in Reading heroin detox programs. In addition, if you need a Reading heroin detox program, staying locally may not be the best choice for several reasons.

Attending a Reading heroin detox means being local during treatment, where the foundations you’re building on the road to recovery are crucial for continued success. Unfortunately, the lures of knowing where to buy drugs and from whom are strong when you’re in detox nearby.

In fact, it’s much easier to abandon your commitment to getting clean when your friends and family are a very short distance away. Reading heroin detox keeps you near your support systems, which may not be healthy support systems but rather enabling ones. Consider that a local Reading heroin detox may not be the best option, but a detox in Florida very well could be.

Florida is a state well-known for its ideal weather and scenic landscapes. With 237 sunny days per year, you’ll enjoy sunshine most of the time. The summertime high is around 91 degrees and dips to about 50 in the winter months, making its temperate weather idyllic.

The Program at Serenity House Detox in Florida

Serenity House Detox has chosen the state of Florida to establish two of its premier, high-quality and certified detoxification facilities. Far away from the cold, snowy winters of Reading, and also a long distance from temptations to use, Serenity House Detox gives you two choice locations—Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach—as options to begin your first steps in your road to recovery via a medically supervised detox.

Many of our detox clients become so enthralled with the Florida area, they decide to continue their rehab program here. After treatment, many decide to permanently locate to the Sunshine State. It’s a place filled with job opportunities, affordable housing, and tons of recreational and sightseeing activities.

Contact Serenity House Detox at 1-866-396-4129 to find out more about how we will help you start the road to sobriety with a medically supervised detox that keeps you comfortable and safe. We offer services from the best group of detox center professionals possible. We’ll work with you to begin your recovery journey, and prepare you for the next phases of treatment.

By entering the program at either of our qualified detox centers, you will be able to overcome your physical addiction to drugs or alcohol in a safe and monitored setting. Call 1-866-396-4129 today. It could be the most important call you make in your lifetime.