Look Further Than a Philadelphia Drug Detox to Begin your SobrietyPhiladelphia and the state of Pennsylvania have a substance abuse epidemic that can’t be ignored. From 2014 to 2015, drug-related deaths increased 30%, according to a report released by the Pennsylvania State Coroners Association. Ten people in PA die each day from drug-related causes. The report also found that there’s a shortage of facilities to provide long-term addiction treatment. Philadelphia drug detox centers may not give you the best options.  If you’re experiencing the suffering and devastation caused by alcohol and drug abuse, it might be a good idea to consider a detox in Florida as the first step in building your foundation to recovery.

While Philadelphia drug detox seems a convenient, local choice, you’re still in the environment where you know how and where to obtain drugs easily. Your circle of associates, many of whom are likely substance abusers themselves, can easily be negative influences.

Coupled with the lack of facilities for treatment in PA, it may be best to look elsewhere for detox and rehab. Your recovery is essential to live a healthy and rewarding life without drug abuse, and detox is the first stage to your new life. Consider a fresh start in a new state like Florida.

Choosing Florida Over a Philadelphia Drug Detox – A Better Option?

Florida’s beautiful and sunny weather makes it an ideal location to begin a healthy and sober life. It’s far away from the temptations and associations you have with drugs in Philadelphia, but close enough to have loved ones visit you when needed.

A medical detox is the first step in getting sober safely and without the distressing and painful withdrawal symptoms detoxing on your own would bring. A Philadelphia drug detox would also be able to start you on your journey, but the lure of walking out the door and into using again would be strong. You can eliminate that impulsive decision by attending a detox in Florida.

The Serenity Detox Program in Florida

Serenity House Detox facilities, one located in Fort Lauderdale and the other in West Palm Beach, gives you the needed addiction treatment in the form of a medically supervised detox to start you on your road to recovery. You’ll be near refreshing ocean breezes and sunshine while you undergo a carefully administered detox by certified addiction specialists.

Withdrawal symptoms can be painful, or potentially deadly when you experience them without medical help. Therefore, you’ll need the kind of leading-edge methods that Serenity House Detox uses to remove substances from your body while keeping you comfortable. Our scenic locations add to the healing in the most serene and peaceful ways, far away from the setting a Philadelphia drug detox can’t provide.

Serenity House Detox helps you continue your road to sobriety by preparing you for the next steps of addiction treatment. You’ll receive good nutrition to build back your strength while we discuss with you the best options to move forward. You may decide to continue your rehab in beautiful sunny Florida. That’s something a Philadelphia drug detox can’t give you.

Take the next step in your recovery today by calling Serenity House Detox Center at 1-866-396-4129. We have qualified addiction specialists who are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

This call may be the most important telephone call you make in your entire life. Your full recovery begins with a quality detox program, and Serenity House Detox is prepared to help you with your new beginning, away from the environments you associate with drugs. Call us now at 1-866-396-4129 and we’ll get started helping you break the bonds of addiction.