Is A Lancaster Detox Center Your Best Bet?

According to a recent Pennsylvania Drug Control Update, the rate of drug-induced deaths in Pennsylvania has risen to higher than the national average. Residents of Lancaster may have noticed an upswing of overdose deaths related to heroin, the primary drug of choice throughout the city. If you’re struggling with patterned abuse of controlled substances, pursuing services at a detox facility may be the best choice for you.

Deciding where to begin your journey to sobriety begins with identifying the type of detox facility you believe will work best for you. While this may include a Lancaster detox center, you may find that traveling for treatment offers a host of benefits that you won’t get in Lancaster. Here are some reasons retreating away from a Lancaster detox center may be better for your long-term recovery.

If I Don’t Attend A Lancaster Detox Center, Can I Still Use My Insurance?

Many individuals who seek treatment for their patterned drug abuse need to rely on their insurance to cover most of the cost of treatment. Residents of Lancaster will find that if they have a national insurance provider, traveling to Florida for treatment will allow them to continue to utilize their current health insurance. According to the Affordable Care Act, national insurance companies are required to cover at least a portion of the cost of treatment. While the specific amount will vary per plan, traveling for effective treatment is often an option.

Will I Find Similar Programs To What A Lancaster Detox Center Offers?

Residents of Lancaster may find that many detox facilities in other locations offer the same types of programs as a Lancaster, Pennsylvania detox center. These programs are often individualized and may be tailored to needs of the individual in treatment. This ensures that the appropriate level of care is given to those who are seeking treatment for their addiction. Many detox centers believe that detox should be as comfortable and safe as possible to ensure a proper detox.

Many detox centers will offer fully holistic treatment methods. These methods are often utilized whether an individual is suffering from addiction to alcohol or prescription medication. Holistic treatment often includes eating organic, all-natural meals, physical activities, and alternative types of therapy. Meditation and activities such as yoga or Tai Chi are also often part of a holistic detox program.

Is A Lancaster Detox Center Your Best Bet?

Making the decision to seek treatment can be incredibly difficult for some individuals, and residents of Lancaster may wish to seek services at a Lancaster detox center for the sake of convenience. However, that convenience may come at a price.

Individuals who decide to travel for treatment often find that there are a host of benefits to detoxing away from their normal environment. In a new setting, individuals in treatment have the ability to work on building the healthy habits they need to maintain sobriety. Harmful triggers that might lead to relapse are left behind when individuals travel for treatment and a focus on healing can take place.

Serenity House Detox is a qualified detox center offering safe, supervised detox to individuals who are seeking treatment for their addiction. With locations in Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, residents of Lancaster can experience the benefits of traveling for the start of their treatment by seeking services at our facility. For many individuals, Florida ends up being just the right change of pace required for them to successfully detox and begin their journey to sobriety.

Call Serenity House Detox today at 1-866-396-4129 to see how detox can prepare you for recovery from your addiction. A safe, comfortable detox facility is only a phone call away. Don’t wait any longer to receive the assistance you need. Begin your journey to sobriety today.