LEAVE ADDICTION BEHIND: Florida Detox Provides a Break


Substance abuse controls the lives of many Oregonians, and finding help for addiction at a Oregon drug detox center can sometimes seem impossible. However, treatment can be extremely effective, and for many, health insurance will make treatment affordable.

From the lax culture surrounding marijuana abuse, to the methamphetamine crisis that resulted in the nationally-famous “Faces of Meth” project, many Oregonians deal with substance abuse on a daily basis. While treatment for addiction in Oregon is possible, heading out of state may offer the best path for recovery.

Heroin Abuse on the Rise in Oregon

Nationally, heroin abuse is reaching epidemic levels, and Oregon has not been exempt from the wave of addiction and overdose. Heroin trafficking up I-5 spreads the lethal substance across the state. Broad demographics are being exposed to the drug at levels never before witnessed.

Heroin has become such a massive problem for Oregon residents because the path to heroin addiction isn’t understood by many. Heroin abuse often starts with a painkiller prescription from a doctor. Even taking a few extra painkillers can spur a pattern of abuse that will eventually result in tolerance and dependence. Once you are addicted to painkillers, trying the cheaper and more available heroin becomes a financial decision more than a moral one.

Meth Addiction in the “Faces of Meth” State

Oregon’s methamphetamine problem became national news in 2004 when the “Faces of Meth” campaign spread the word about the horrible physical harms of the drug. And yet while the campaign succeeded in demonstrating the horrors of methamphetamine addiction, methamphetamine has remained a problem across the state. The drug has remained too tempting to avoid, and too addictive to just use casually.

Fighting Ambivalence: Why Treatment is Important Now

One of the most dangerous mindsets involved with addiction is ambivalence. The problem with addiction is that many people want to simultaneously recover from addiction and keep using. When you have conflicting feelings on a matter, the easiest path is inaction and apathy.

If you recognize those feelings within yourself, don’t ignore them. It may be time to reach out to an expert who can help you clearly see the role addiction has played in your life.

Call Serenity House Detox and talk to one of our experienced detox specialists. We can answer your questions and offer an outside perspective free of judgment. With health insurance covering treatment for most patients, you may decide affordable detox treatment is a better use of your time and energy than continuing to live with addiction.